September 23, 2023

British High Commissioner for Cyprus, Irfan Siddiq OBE

Hello, my name is Chris Elliott and as I have a great interest in seeing recognition and fairness being extended to the TRNC and those living and travelling there so I went along to the Olive Tree Hotel in Catalkoy on Tuesday 27th June to listen to his excellency the British High Commissioner for Cyprus, Irfan Siddiq OBE when he came to meet the British expatriate’s and representatives of NGOs in Northern Cyprus.

This was the first time I had seen him and I was very impressed with his opening presentation in which he talked about his role in Cyprus and about some of the issues that expatriates in Northern Cyprus face in relation to travelling to both north and southern Cyprus and he was supported with further information and suggestions being made by Christine Smith of the Consular Section who gave details of how to contact them now that Shakespeare House in North Nicosia is no longer used as a service centre but is still used as a collection and distribution point and for occasional promotional events.

Reviewing the Cyprus issue, it was pointed out that there has been many changes including the demand for a 2 state solution from the TRNC and Turkey and the call for the UN role in Cyprus to be changed. Also, the changes in the RoC government and the re-election of President Erdogan in Turkey and many other factors and forms of recognition of the TRNC  is causing concern in southern Cyprus and the realization that their hardline and unwillingness to agree any form of cooperation is causing a rethink of their policy so there is greater hope that things may change.

As far as the British Government is concerned, it was made clear that their policy is in line with the UN policy for a settlement of the Cyprus Issue based upon a Bizonal, Bicommunal Federation.

There was a question and answer session and as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is not recognised there were many people living here wishing to ask questions some with a great deal of emotion and these were mostly answered in line with UK Government policy and I will be following up with a more indepth review of the Cyprus Issue and the involvement of the UK government very soon.

Thank you my friends do have a good week and stay safe and healthy

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2 thoughts on “British High Commissioner for Cyprus meets the TRNC Expats

  1. The British Government has not changed its stand since 1960! The ROC was a way to rid itself of the burden of administration, retaining what is important to its NationalSecurity. Brexit did it change this fact. It will recognise the TRNC, only if the US says so. You should read between the lines, to see if a military conflict is likely in the near future or if the status quo will be maintained!

  2. Obviously, the U K government is not able to Formulate its Policies.

    So we should Bypass them, and Aim much Higher.

    I think that would be the UN, which Does not Recognise the Turkish Republic of Cyprus.
    So, If Someone is Not prepared to Recognise Us, why Are We Recognise Them and Allow them to Walk around and make a nuisance of themselves, Occupy Land and pretend to be Superior to All.

    We should Block all Access and request that they (the UN) Restrict Themselves to the South of the No Mends land.

    This should make them at the Least to Notice us, if nothing else.

    UN Out

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