October 1, 2023

Foreign Minister Ertuğruloğlu reacts to EOKA statements made by Greek Cypriots Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus responded to the statements of Nikos Hristodulidis, Leader of the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus regarding the EOKA terrorist organization. Ertuğruloğlu stated that “the Greek Cypriot side keeps the racist discourse and policies on the agenda by endorsing EOKA’s terrorist acts to future generations”.

During an interview with the press members at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the TRNC Foreign Minister Ertuğruloğlu commented on the statement of the Greek Cypriot leader Hristodulidis following an event related to the terrorist organisation EOKA that “it is our duty to pass on information about EOKA to future generations”. Pointing out that EOKA was a terrorist organisation that took the stage to make Cyprus a Hellenic island, Ertuğruloğlu emphasised that the Greek Cypriot leadership is persistently trying to portray EOKA as an organisation of “heroes fighting for national freedom, liberty and independence”. Ertuğruloğlu noted that everyone knows what EOKA is and “Greek Cypriot side keeps the racist discourse and policies on the agenda by endorsing EOKA’s terrorist acts to future generations. If there is an organisation that fought for freedom on this island and fought against racism and fascism, it is the Turkish Resistance Organisation (TMT)”. Reminding that there have been recent statements from the Greek Cypriot side about returning to the formal negotiations in Cyprus, Ertuğruloğlu stated that the negotiations between the two sides in line with the UN Security Council resolutions collapsed in Crans Montana, Switzerland and that it would not be possible to return to the negotiations unless the sovereign equality and the international status of the TRNC is recognized. Ertuğruloğlu underlined that the negotiations in Crans Montana came to an end for good and it is not possible to resume in any way. Minister Ertuğruloğlu added that “the process ended with the collapse of Crans Montana, the page is closed and that era is over. Greek Cypriot side either finds it difficult to comprehend this truth, or it does not want to comprehend it on purpose. They act as if the process is suspended and that now it will resume. This can never be the case. It is not possible to expect different results while repeating the same things. We have lost 60 years. We are not willing to waste even another 60 minutes, let alone 60 years”. Criticising the Greek Cypriots side’s efforts to involve the European Union (EU) in the Cyprus issue, Ertuğruloğlu stated that the EU should apologise to the Turkish Cypriot people for accepting the Greek Cypriot Administration as a member of the Union, which contradicts its own principles and even its membership criteria.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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3 thoughts on “TRNC FM blasts RoC for endorsing past EOKA’s terrorist acts

  1. The newly elected Leader of the RoC, has been trawling the world, trying to appear as reasonable person, getting Photo Shoots with Everyone pretending to be trying to get help to solve the Cyprus problem by Pressurising Türkiye.

    Ignoring and not wanting to mention that he was one of others who Walked out of an agreement that Everyone thought was very Acceptable.

    Following that Meeting, The Secretary General of the United Nations, informed All Parties that, New Ideas Was needed in the Future.

    That Officially Statement, In Reality stated that the Previous Resolution by the United Nations, was Terminated as not Applicable in the Future.

    In Response to that, The Turkish Side Decided to Accept This Offer of the Roc President of the time suggesting that a Two States would would be more appropriate for all.

    So the Turkish Side found that the Presiding Situation being as good enough, to finalise the basis for the Existing Situation into the Format of a Two State Solution after to the many years of conflict.

    Sadly, When Anastasia’s explained his Ideas to the Archbishop, he was Instructed to forget it All. So as a Very New Idea, he Offered going back to 1960, as A New Idea.

    This new President being rather more Forward looking person, instead of going back to the 1960, has been kindly offering to the world that he is prepared to, Only Back by 6 Years, and to continue with the Negotiations That He and the Rest of the Greek side Walked out of Again, with a Smirk on their face.

    I have no idea why the world is Tolerating Them , But We Definitely Have come to the End of Our Tolerance of their Arrogance, probably hiding their Inferiority Complex.

    It’s Time to Inform the United Nations that, We Don’t Recognise Any Authority that Does Not Recognise Us, and Demand them to End Their Presence in the Turkish Republic of Cyprus, to be Terminated, and Withdraw To The South part of the Island, beyond the Stated EU Border, Which is on the Other side of the No Man Land.

    I would like this to be Implemented by the end of this month.

    1. Hello Olcay,

      Your comment is a very good summary and suggestion and perhaps we should publish it as a readers mail to get more attention to the need for a change of direction

  2. Would make me very happy , always been practicing it on the Cyprus Mail and get Al killed of response from many different opinionated people.
    I shall keep on to try and convert Tham to our way of thinking.
    It is a hard tusk but a worthy trail.

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