June 3, 2023

We are sharing for readers who are seeking the latest facts and information with the approval of the BRS, news recently provided by the British Residents’ Society to their members on 21st May 2023.

Please note this campaign is open to ‘All UK citizens’ even if they are not registered to vote in the UK, their letters/emails will go automatically to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and they can participate as detailed below..

From Peter Wilkins
BRS President

As you will remember our lobbying campaign began with an article in Cyprus Today written by Stephen Day, an ex-MP and Chairman of the BRS, asking us to challenge the UK Government’s stance on the TRNC and remove the measures which isolate every inhabitant of this island..  We have just received a letter from Stephen which I have copied below.

At our AGM, which is being held next Saturday 27th May 2023, we will be announcing Phase 2 of the Campaign.  We will be releasing details of how you, our members together with other UK citizens can once again assist following the launch.


Letter to the BRS

Dear Peter

I write to express my deep admiration for the work of the officers and committee of the BRS. You all deserve our hearty applause, whether it be indirectly and regularly raising the concerns of expatriate Brits in TRNC with Ministers and the British High Commission or constantly building on your broad base of influential Turkish Cypriot contacts. Why any expatriate, be they mostly resident in UK or TRNC, does not join the Society is beyond my comprehension. I just thank the committee for ensuring that they now do so in ever-increasing numbers.

Thanks to the BRS’s energetic campaign to lobby the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the UK Parliament, pointing out the many past failures of the UK as a so-called “guarantor power” of the rights of BOTH Cypriot communities, the expatriate community in TRNC is now seen as an undoubted ally of the Turkish Cypriots, which can only add to the long term security of the British TRNC community itself.

That campaign has forged an alliance of Cyprus-related British nationals, be they of British or Turkish Cypriot origin, whether they live in UK or TRNC, which is pointing out the injustice visited on TRNC Turkish Cypriots and British citizens alike, by both successive UK governments and the International Community in general. It is a humanitarian outrage that has remained unaddressed for far too long. The embargoes must go. Well done the BRS and its Turkish Cypriot allies! All British expatriates should be proud of you.

I hope those who have already lobbied their UK MP will not stop there, but will actively encourage their friends and relatives who have not done so to make the effort, wherever they live. Everyone can get involved and they should.

Yes, the task is enormous, but the objective is obtainable. NOTHING only happens if you do NOTHING. The BRS-based coalition of campaigners is successfully proving that is a great truth.

Best wishes to you all.
Stephen Day.

Editors note more information can be found on the video below.


Editor’s Note:  BRS have an excellent members’ Facebook page which gives information and allows members to ask questions however Facebook is excellent for sharing of information but it is no more than a stream of information and BRS found many questions were being asked time and time again so the BRS team developed BRITBOT on their website where members could retrieve information published on many past subjects.

Readers wishing to learn more of the British Residents’ Society or registration as a member which can be started online please visit their website – https://brstrnc.com or https://brstrnc.com/regform.asp

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  1. The only Proactive Action that we can possibly take, is to Prevent the UN who is Not Recognise us from Entering the Turkish Republic of Cyprus.
    And to remove all their posts and Position’s.
    It Should have some sort of Reaction, which is better than nothing.

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