June 8, 2023

Hello, my friends, my name is Chris Elliott and I would like to welcome you to our latest CyprusScene review from Northern Cyprus and we are still trying to balance the spasmodic incoming news and reviews so we can set a regular publishing date for our online e-newspaper.

So, what’s been happening here in the TRNC, well perhaps the visit of Leo Docherty the UK Minister for Europe to meet President Ersin Tatar who briefed him on the Cyprus Issue history and unfair treatment of the Turkish Cypriots and requested the UK government take steps to start supporting a change to the status quo.

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As we have been making these video reviews we looked back at our YouTube video channel and were surprised and delighted at the high level of plays many of them had received so we published a review article to help promote “Chris Elliott brings CyprusScene videos” channel on YouTube to grow our viewers and subscribers.

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1 thought on “CyprusScene 10th May video review from the TRNC

  1. Progress of any kind is welcome, but if I remember correctly the TRNC had made a Request to the UN for the Upgrading of our statues.
    I have not been able get Enlightened to their Response.
    In the Absence am I to Assume that, it was not a good experience.
    On this Assumption, why have we Responded by asking them to the Restriction of their Presence only to the Roc, Which they Always Recognised.
    They should also be demanded to remove Al the Territory occupied and, accepting the Natural Divide of being the Southern side of the border, and Not the No man Territory.
    EU has already allocated that as an Un Official Border for the Roc, we Should make it as Official.
    I am certain that the TRNC personnel are capable of clearing the Area effectively.

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