June 8, 2023

By Heidi Trautmann….

A Photo Exhibition on 25-27 April 2023 was held at the Girne Belediye Art Gallery created by members of GIFDER (Girne Belediye Photography Association) took us to places of the past, places of importance and culture fallen into ruins.

The photographers who exhibited are:

Emine Cem, Meltem Çelikeri, Salih C. Cem, Özlen Fındık, Erkan Çelikeri (Director of GIFDER), and two guest photographers: Ayşe Gökyiğit and Mehmet Gökyiğit.

The five places visited were: Prophet Elias Maronite Abbey, 24 km west of Nicosia; Sourp Magar Armenian Abbey, near Alevkaya; Panagia Tou Catharon Abbey of the Virgin Mary, near Kozanköy; Sinai Abbey, Karşiayaka and finally the Carob Warehouses, Tatlisu.

The places in ruins were photographed from all sides by all photographers, perhaps for reasons of archiving, and their history you will easily find on the internet. It would have been worth a visit.

Unfortunately, the exhibition lasted only for three days which makes it impossible to reach the reader before the closure. I heard rumours that exhibitors are now being asked a certain amount of money for renting the place which obviously restricts the duration of any exhibition and will lower the number of visitors.

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