June 10, 2023

The ‘Girne Half Marathon 2023’, which was held for the fourth time this year and sponsored by the Pasha Group, was successfully completed with great excitement. The ‘Pasha Group Girne Half Marathon 2023’, which attracted approximately 3 thousand people, ended in a festive mood. 

‘The 21 kilometre Women’s and Men’s classifications started at 07:45 in the morning; the 10 K Women’s and Men’s classifications started at 08:00. The last groups in the Marathon, the 3 K Public Run, started at 10:00. At the end of the first two races, at around 09:50, the 21 K and 10 K Women’s / Men’s classification awards were made. 

With the favourable weather conditions, the ‘Pasha Group Girne Half Marathon 2023’ was held in a festive mood.  From the stalls provided by the sponsors, the participants had the chance to enjoy special tastes and gifts. These also featured product mascots and promotional stands which  ensured that everyone from age 7 to 70 had a good day. 

An ambulance was constantly present in the marathon area, where all precautions were taken to prevent possible accidents during the events. In addition, a physiotherapy tent also provided support for the athletes who experienced injuries. 

Mayor Senkul:”Our aim is a 42 km full Marathon”

Noting that the athletes from abroad participating in such events make a significant contribution to the promotion of the country and the development of sports tourism, Şenkul stated that in addition to Turkey, Ukrainian, Russian, German and British citizens living in the country showed great interest in the marathon. Şenkul said that a contribution of approximately one and a half million Turkish Liras has been provided to our animal friends with the ticket sales and stressed that all the income from the marathon will be used for enlarging the existing shelter, building a pet hotel, sterilising the animals, providing vaccinations and having a home. Emphasising that they aim to bring Girne, the pearl of the Mediterranean, to the forefront with the marathon, as in every field, Şenkul said that the event will become a  tradition to take place in April, the most beautiful season and month of the island, and that it will be included in the agendas of the marathoners in this way. Şenkul also reminded that they aim to turn the half marathon into a 42-kilometre full marathon in the coming years. 


 Apart from the General Classifications, where a total monetary award of 100,000 TL was given for the first time this year, special awards were given only to TRNC athletes. The TRNC athletes who participated in the marathon and ranked in the 10 K and 21 K Women’s / Men’s General Classifications had the chance to win the Arçelik Special Awards worth 100,000 TL. Accordingly, Arçelik Special Awards were as follows; 

Athletes who came first in the 10 K Women’s/Men’s General Classification received the Arçelik Imperium Go Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner; the second placed athletes Arçelik B-Fit Slow Juicer, and the third place won an Arçelik B-Fit Personal Blender. Athletes who came first in the 21 K Women’s/Men’s General Classification won the Arçelik 65″ Imperium TV, second place athletes with Arçelik 32″ Android TV, and third place athletes with Arçelik B-Fit Slow Juicer. 


The ranking and time information of all runners, as well as the names of the winners in the ‘Pasha Group Girne Half Marathon 2023’ 21 K and 10 K Women / Men classifications, can be seen on the Girne Municipality Facebook page.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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