April 1, 2023

By Heidi Trautmann….

The 13th General Assembly held on 18th March 2023….

As every two years, the current administrative body i.e. the board members of the association has rendered accounts of the cultural programmes and activities and presented its financial report. The board members with their two chair holders, Zehra Sonya and Gökçe Keceçi have resigned from their duty and the assembled EMAA members were invited to elect the new board members of seven plus two, of which Derya Ulubatli and Esra Plümer Bardak share the chair for the next two years. Also the members for the Disciplinary Board and the Supervisory Board were nominated.

Nilgün Güney, the very first director of EMAA held the chair in this General Assembly 2023, it was a pleasure to see her again after the difficult years of the pandemic, just as other longtime members, who have become family to me.

The old equip was given a big thank you for their commitment in the past two years and the new equip received.

Congratulations and good wishes on their way to conduct our Art Association EMAA through not very easy years to come; and I want to use the opportunity to also thank those who work in the framework of the educational programme of EMAA because I believe in the importance of art education from young years on, as it develops our senses which we need to survive in this hectic world.

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