March 23, 2023

Prime Minister Ünal Üstel made a statement after the first meeting of the Earthquake Control Committee as follows:.

“We have decided to establish an Earthquake Control Committee affiliated with the Prime Minister to do the necessary work to prepare our country for a possible earthquake after the disaster in Turkey.

Our committee was established without delay and had its first meeting, producing its first decisions, and our Prime Ministry has taken immediate action in accordance with the decisions produced and initiated the necessary initiatives.

As the Prime Minister, we are determined to take all the steps that our country may need against any possible natural disaster and to deal with our deficiencies as soon as possible.

We continue to work day and night so that our people can live in confidence knowing we are doing our best to protect them and our Earthquake Monitoring Committee is focussing on the following

  1.  The prompt release of an inventory list of public buildings.
  2. To test and classification of earthquake resistance of all public buildings starting from hospitals, health centers and schools with a high number of buildings
  3. Launching necessary initiatives to get staff and laboratory contributions from our universities which have Faculties of Engineering,
  4. It has been decided to determine the teams that will take part in the Civil Engineers Chamber inspections and start the training related to the inspections immediately.

Members of the Prime Minister Earthquake Control Committee are as follows:

Prime Minister Ünal Üstel, Hüseyin Cahitoğlu (Secretary to the Prime Minister), Durali Güçlüsoy (Secretary of the Ministry of Interior), Halil Sakallı (Undersecretary of the Interior), Oğuz Akçay (Manager of Planning and Construction Department), Ayşen Albayrak (Geological Mines Department Manager) Jafar Gürcafer (Cyprus Turkish Construction Contractors Association), Tunç Adanır (Cyprus Association of Turkish Engineers and Architects), Oğuz Vadilili Yağcıoğlu (Civil Engineers Chamber), Dr. Hilmi Dindar (Higher Geophysics Engineer), Tahir Çelik (Civil Engineer, Production Management).”

Source: Dr.Ünal ÜSTEL Facebook page (Auto Translation edited)

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