April 2, 2023

The Girne Municipality Aid convoy is on its way!

The convoy of men and equipment created as part of the Girne Municipality’s aid campaign headed to Famagusta Port and then onto Iskenderun. Three days after the earthquake, a large aid convoy assembled with the support of the construction equipment owners and operators, as well as the people who gave great support to the calls, is now moving towards Iskenderun. 

In the convoy that departed on Wednesday 8th February 2023, 3 trucks carried the aid packages which had been collected, 2 excavators, 1 mobile crane, 1 telescopic forklift, as well as acoustic sound listening device, and equipment; technical team, vehicle maintenance and repair technical team, crane operators. Girne Municipality teams who are involved with the related equipment. 

 Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality 

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