March 23, 2023

By Trevor Hughes…

UK Passport Price Increases

If you need to renew your UK passport, application fees are set to rise from 2nd February 2023 by an average of 9%. This is the first time in five years.

The UK Government informs us, the new fees will help reduce the reliance on taxpayer money by contributing to the cost of processing applications, the fees will also support consular services overseas, like replacing lost or stolen passports, and the processing of British citizens at UK borders. Yeh right, its nothing to do about raising much needed revenue then?

The increased fees will apply to both new passport applications and renewals.

Because of the likley surge in passport applications we are advised to allow 10 weeks for your new passport to arrive until the upsurge of application has subsided.

How much are UK passport fees increasing ?

The proposals, which are subject to Parliamentary scrutiny, would see the fee for a standard online passport application made from within the UK, rise from £75.50 to £82.50 for adults and from £49 to £53.50 for children. For overseas applications any price increase has not been anounced as yet, but you can bet your bottom dollar the application will be increased!

TRNC Minimum Wage

The new minimum wage has been confirmed and will come into effect on February the 1st.

The new minimum wage will be 13,563TL gross and 11,800TL after taxation and social sigorta deductions has been made.

Can the Government not see that all the minimum wage will do is increase prices in the shops and push up the rate of inflation even further (remember the winter of discontent in the UK in the early seventies?)

Not only food prices, but every thing else will go up linked to the minimum wage, including road traffic fines, driving licences, school fees, residency applications and anything else linked to the minimum wage. It won’t take long for people benifiting from having their salaries increased to the new minimum wage, and eventually going back on the bread line.

This years TRNC MOT Dates, see below

We have Finally Moved!

At last, we (Captital Insurance) have moved into our new Office whch is on the edge of Girne town centre, just off the by pass, opposite Ezic Premier, passed the row of shops on the left, passed the Extend sign and then 150 mtrs on you left is where our office located.


Gas Bottles containing LPG gas

The price of a domestic 10 kg bottle of gas has gone up by 15TL to 255TL each.

During the the last period of excessive rain and cold temperatures, if the gas bottles which are in use and are not stored in your home or stored outside under cover, their efficiency can be detrimentaly affected. For example, my gas water heater decides when to heat the water up so that I can wash up my dishes and have a shower. The heater does not heat the water enough to avoid having a cold shower and believe me the water is extremly cold.

To counter this effect and helping the gas to operate normally, wrap the cylinder with polythene or a cardboard box. This should have the desired effect.

Plastic Shopping Bags

In June this year, the facility of being given a plastic carrier bag by retail outlets when shopping, will be withdrawn. This is by way of the Governments decree in helping to save the planet from plastic polution.

Do you remember the last time the Government here did exactly the same thing some 4-5 years ago, and it only lasted a few weeks. How long will this latest initiative last, we wait and see?

Dolmus and Taxi Fares

The cost of hiring a taxi or catching a bus are set to rise by some 30 – 40 %. Getting into a taxi will cost 41TL during the daytime and 50TL at night.

Travelling Girne to Lefkoşa will cost 495TL during the daytime and 575TL at night. Ercan to Girne will cost 900TL during the daytime and 1035TL at night. Night time tarriffs are between 22:00 and 06:00.

Car Theft

A lot of people here, take car security in a very relaxed way. Like me, they don’t always lock their cars and even leave their engine running,with the keys in the ignition, when going into shops to do a small shop. Gone are the days when car theft was unheard of, but sadly those are fast coming to an end. All to often it’s due to tourism and the modernisation of our world.

Capital Insurance Range Services

All too often, people who live here are in need of valuable and accurate information and mainly rely on expensive sources. Capital Insurance provide a wide range of additional service and have gained a reputation for providing this service at such fantastic prices !!!.

Capital Insurance is the only provider covering such a wide range of service.

Services covered:

  • Residence applications both first time and renewal
  • Comprehensive and very competitive prices on insurance for cars and property, covering the widest range of cover than any other insurance providor company!!
  • Last Will and Testaments
  • Passport applications
  • UK police checks, needed for first time property purchase. Don’t forget, you need a UK police report whenever you puchase a property for the first time or buying an additıonal property.
  • Driving licence renewal
  • UK postal service both too and from the TRNC (envelopes only)
  • UK driving licence renewal
  • MOT payments
  • Tenancy agreements in both Turkish and English.

New Vehicle Registrations

If you are concidering buying a new car, be aware, you will not be able to collect your new purchase for up to 15 weeks from the date you purchased it from the dealership. Please don’t blame the dealer it’s not his fault, they want you to have your new purchase as quickly as possible.

One of the reasons for this delay is because of the Governments decision to reduce the cost of import taxes. The delay is because of the slow process being undertaken by the relevent offices in Lefkosa. The reduced tax will come to an end at the end of the month.

Can the Government not learn from this to keep the Tax payments rolling in?

I see from the latest report from the Public Works and Transport Ministry’s Transport Department, the majority of new cars are BMW, Mercedes, and other large cars! Who said the local people are suffering from increased prices in shops or are all the new vehicles on finance? At some time in the future, there will be many more cars coming through the auction houses because of repayment failure?

Driving Licence Fees increase

From Saturday, 28th January 2023 driving licence fees will be increased to:

Driving Licence lasting 2 years – 774.80TL, 3 years – 1,034TL, 5 years – 1,589TL, 10 years – 2,639TL

Student Driver’s Licence – 774.90TL Driving Test – 775TL.

Motor Vehicle Driving Exam – 1,065TL

Temporary Driving Licence – 774.90TL

International Driving Licence – 1,620TL

Replacement of lost, damaged, worn out or change of status or student driver’s licence – 380TL

According to the Official Gazette the price increases came into force on 27th January, 2023.

Road Fund Licence Increases and Traffic Violation Fees

Because the minimum wage has gone up and most things here are linked to the minimum wage, traffic fines have also increased.

Tax Increases

Due to the 80% increase the Tax Office has announced on January 27th 2023, an increase on residency fees are also expected. Road tax and MOT fees are also affected.

If you wish to ask me a question, please do so in the contact box below.

Best wishes

Trevor Hughes

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