December 10, 2023

Girne Mayor Murat Şenkul

Girne Municipality takes the first step towards improving traffic control, which is one of the most important problems of the city, with traffic inspections. It has been announced that the municipal police (Zabita) will carry out strict inspections in Girne, where serious problems are experienced especially in non-compliance with parking bans in the city. In his statement on the subject, Girne Mayor Murat Şenkul stated the points where the inspections will be intensified in the first place.

Senkul: “We Are Watchıng Because We Don’t Want To Wrıte Penalty.

Making a statement on the subject, Girne Mayor Murat Şenkul noted that a significant increase in traffic inspections will begin. Underlining that their aim is not to generate income from traffic fines, Şenkul pointed out that the main aim is to creategood traffic order in which everyone will be happy. Şenkul also stated the first points about the inspections to be carried out, “We are warning vehicle owners  because we do not want to penalize them but we increase our parking inspections because we want good order.” he said.

According to the statement, the first inspections will be carried out in Akan Gürkan Sokak (across from the Court House) and Kolordu Sokak.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

2 thoughts on “Girne Traffic Controls are tightened with strict parking inspections

  1. It’s great news parking in Girne is a nightmare especially around the law courts !
    The big problem is with owners of businesses who put up signs outside their premises to stop the public parking ! These owners should be fined as they don’t own the road outside their premises !
    Also shopkeepers should realise that if the public can’t park near their premises they lose business !
    The car parks are not just for the public they are also for owners of businesses too !

    1. Well said Graham

      Parking in Girne has always been a problem and perhaps at last we are going to see major improvements

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