January 28, 2023

Girne Mayor, Murat Şenkul, City Council Members and administrative staff came together at the second council meeting, which lasted approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.

At the meeting the following items were discussed; the establishment of Councillors of the Union of Municipalities, creation of Collective Bargaining Members, establishment of the Appointment and Examination Commission, establishment of the Traffic Commission, establishment of the Street Commission, establishment of the City Aesthetics Committee, establishment of the Social Assistance Committee, Sports Committee, establishment of the City Museum Project, creation of Committee Members for Belpaz Ltd. establishment of the Evaluation Committee, establishment of the Health Committee, establishment of the Education Committee, and the establishment of the Tourism Committee.

The assembly meeting also discussed, as an off agenda item, the first steps to be taken for starting the work to permit public access to Karakum Beach. At the meeting, it was emphasized that steps would be taken in consultation with the owners in the region focussing on the coastal road. At the meeting, it was reported that a request was made to the Girne District Governorate regarding the work on the road-work project, and it was stated that a process would be initiated in contact with the Ministry of Interior and the Council of Ministers on maps and road route.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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