February 7, 2023

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Susie L Ford….
SuMart’s Entertainment….

Mayhem did it again and the venue was Diiva Restaurant in Esentepe, were we held the best ever New Year’s Eve party on Saturday 31st December 2022 with friends old and new.

Mayhems cast was Martin Ford, AKA Candy Cummins, Kath Gardner, AKA Lightning Bolt, Guest singer LOTTA G, and Drag Diva, Chi Chi Swanks and of course myself AKA the host Riko !!  Lotta G sang an excellent array of songs which got everybody up on the dance floor !

The 2 drag divas, Candy and Chi Chi entertained us with song, dance and naughtiness  and even grabbed some of the audience up for some belly dancing and that was not enough fun and high jinks Kath also appeared as a drag king.

You know, my Mayhem shows are always crazy with lots of laughter and fun and Diiva was fully booked and banging on this incredibly special night!  We also held a raffle with some excellent prizes and thank you to everyone who bought the tickets ! There was an auction at the end, which was a stone grill, which went for an amazing 800 TL.

The food at Diiva restaurant is always amazing and for our New Year’s feast it was wonderful and plenty of it  and with the service what can you say. Just Fantastic!

We partied the rest of the night away,  and we were all up doing Auld Lang Syne at midnight in a great atmosphere and it was so nice to hear the words ”Happy New Year” as it was the best New Year’s celebration we have ever had!

Big Thank You To:

  • Ali Raza and his Diiva team.
  • Clarisse Cooper selling the raffle tickets
  • Pampers , Diiva , Balti house and Mardo for their raffle prizes.
  • Diane and Graham Loftus for donating the auction prize.
  • Diane Loftus our music tech for the night .
  • Make Up lady, Diane Ward
  • Martin Ford our splendid DJ.
  • Our guest performers , Peter Dunne and Graham Loftus

And of course, a big thanks you to Kath Gardner for props, costumes and entertaining and not forgetting You All for joining us and anyone else I may have missed !!

For Tulips we raised an amazing 4,105 TL, plus £10 Pounds and 5 Euros so what a Way To Go!

Join Mayhem in 2023 for more fun shows and entertainment and watch Facebook for more details.  Please contact me on my Facebook page if you wish to have our Mayhem Group at your venue!!!

Happy New Year 

Susie Q xxxxxxxx 

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