February 7, 2023

By Chris Elliott…

I took time out this past week to relax and catch up with, and put some shooting time in with the Lambousa Archers and also to meet an old friend, BRTK Vox Pop TV Director and Presenter, Engin Dervish who came with his recording crew to find out about the archers and their archery hobby.

It was as a nice warm day with a good gathering of archers and I had a chance to chat to Engin as did  our group leader Nick Gough and some of his merry men and it will be very interesting to be able to watch the broadcast of Engin’s Vox Pop interview with the Lambousa Archers in a few weeks’ time and hear what the Lambousa Archers had to say about their fascinating hobby and backgrounds.

I am looking forward to being on telly again with Vox Pop after such a long time and would like to thank archer, Vicky Bushell for grabbing my video camera and making her own recording of the archers in action and talking  with Engin Dervish.

This event was a nice lead in to the sport of archery as since taking up this sport, I wanted to write more about it and this I will be doing in the next few weeks.

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