May 31, 2023

The 10 November Atatürk Commemoration Ceremony, organized by Arkın Creative Arts and Design University (ARUCAD) Rectorate, took place in the garden of the ARUCAD Information Centre. 

ARUCAD Rector , Prof. Dr.Asım Vehbilt, started the Atatürk Commemoration Program by laying a wreath on the Atatürk bust. After the moment of silence for the Great Leader, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the Founder of the Republic of Turkey, the National Anthem was sung.

ARUCAD Acting Department Deputy Head Lecturer, Güneş Kozal, said; “As a foresighted leader, Atatürk dreamed of a modern country with his principled revolutions. This dream, which can be clearly seen when we look at the cultural, artistic and intellectual progress we have achieved since the foundation of the Republic, has bequeathed it to new generations as a legacy. It was Atatürk’s top priority to illuminate the society with the light of art and science while taking steps towards creating a contemporary civilization with a national consciousness.  Atatürk said, “Art is literally the expression of beauty. This beauty finds itself in a poem, a melody, a painting, a sculpture or an architecture.”

Mentioning that Atatürk wanted each branch of art to grow, develop and spread, Kozal continued her speech as follows: “We are committed to raising both arts and artists. We academics and our institution, Arkın Creative Arts and Design University, are aware of the importance of art for society. As members of the Turkish Cypriot community, we are also aware that one of the most important requirements of being a civilized society is to keep one’s own culture alive and to develop artistic productions within the framework of its own culture. I would like to state that our university undertakes a very important responsibility to train artists who can build bridges between the past and the future, universalize the culture they belong to, and synthesize universal values ​​with their own society in order to build the identity of this culture on solid foundations. While commemorating Atatürk today, it has an indescribable value to remember his perspective on art. The beating heart of art in this university in the north of the island becomes even more meaningful when integrated with Atatürk’s approach to art.”  Lecturer Güneş Kozal concluded her speech by stating that they commemorated Atatürk with love and gratitude on the 84th anniversary of his death. The ceremony ended with ARUCAD academics, staff and students laying wreaths and flowers on the Atatürk bust.

Source (Turkish) Arkın Creative Arts and Design University (ARUCAD)

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