December 8, 2023

By Tina King….

It’s been some time since I posted information regarding ‘Care in the Community’ and thought that I would catch up with the Home Care Team at the Kolan British Hospital. Since my last contact was in October 2021 (I think) and I was aware that there have been a tremendous amount of changes made to improve the level of services they can now support.

Prof.Dr Mehmet Refik MAS joined the Kolan Hospital in 2020 with the difficult task of introducing Home Care as part of the services the Kolan British Hospital had to offer.  Under his management, training and guidance, the team can now support home nursing and specialist nursing home care, and have been doing so for the past year.  

Unfortunately the much needed Respite and Care Home centre is still under development, the Kolan British Hospital is able to provide some emergency Respite Care within the main hospital in Lefkosa.  Problems have been due to land purchase, and as we know this can be a difficult process, but none the less plans are still marching forward.

The Home Care Team is managed by Lead Head Nurse Sevil (second in from the right), who has been with the Kolan now for 8 years running nursing services within the hospital.  Sevil has a wealth of patient experience covering surgical (including running ICU, open Heart and orthopaedic recovery) and is very well respected for her skills and care she places on all her patients. Sevil has also been having lessons (where she finds the time I do not know) and is now also fluent in English where she can provide comprehensive support for all foreign patients.

I was also very interested to learn that whether you are recovering post operatively, or have had a stroke, paralysis, or the onset of Dementia or Alzheimer’s the Home Care Team  are trained to help with the transition from hospital to the home.  So it’s not just all about long term care, but they can also fully support short term needs as and when required. 

They now have 3 GP’s that have joined the team who are also supporting all Home Care services; for example if you need to have a series of injections or IV prior to treatment, or you are recovering from surgery and require post operative care, such as IV antibiotics etc. this can all be arranged at home There is nothing worse than having to travel to a clinic for treatments when you’re not feeling too well!  (The GP’s will also visit you at home in the event you become unwell)

Prof.Dr Mehmet Refik MAS and the GP’s will assess each patient to look at providing an individual care plan; (obviously dependent on personal circumstances) this is carried out in the Lefkosa Hospital where free transport by ambulance will be provided.  Lead Head Nurse, Sevil coordinates your individual care package with you and the specialist and home nursing team, and will action the doctor’s orders.  Sevil will also immediately inform you if there are any changes to the care needs of your family members.  This can include:

  • Scheduling of Doctors appointments and arrange transportation
  • Wound management, medication (IV, injections etc)
  • Arrange Home visits from the Dietician and Physiotherapist
  • Monitor patients condition and follow care plans provided
  • Attend appointments where applicable to support communication between doctor and the family members/Care Givers

The hospital has now a designated contact for all enquiries, Dilber Kadi.  Dilber has been with the hospital for over 11 years and is fluent in both Turkish/English.  So, if you are planning surgery or recovering from an illness, or are completely overwhelmed trying to keep up with the care needs of elderly or family members who are under intensive treatments; give Dilber a call for an informal discussion.

Contact Dilber on 0533 829 3817 (Fluent English/Turkish)

The Kolan Home Care Team all work together to provide the care you need when you want it most. Coordinating care with hospital physicians, dieticians and physiotherapy in your own home.

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