October 4, 2023

The controls of the food and beverage establishments operating in Girne and the commercial enterprises that affect the public health continue to have inspections.

Between 25 July and 21 September 2022, a total of 180 businesses were inspected by the Girne Municipality Health Branch teams regarding general hygiene, food safety and public health measures. The inspections, which also focus on beauty salons, are still being carried out intensively.

In case of non-compliances detected in the inspections, which are based on general and food hygiene criteria and completely aimed at the protection of public health, the relevant enterprises are warned and regulations are requested by giving periodic notices.

The activities of a total of 4 businesses, 3 beauty salons and 1 cafe business, whose conditions were found to be unsuitable during the controls, were stopped and sealed. Fines were also imposed on 5 different businesses that were found to have deficiencies in general hygiene conditions.

Health Inspections

In the health checks carried out in the past days, 4 businesses with deficiencies in legal legislation; Levent Coiffeur, Ctone Caven Cafe, Ago Beauty Saloon, Ayşegül Horan Hair & Beauty Salon businesses were closed and sealed by the Girne Municipality Health Branch teams. In the following days, the activities of 3 businesses, which completed all their legal deficiencies, will be allowed  to operate again, and Ago Beauty salon is in the process of correcting its deficiencies.

Within the scope of hygiene controls carried out based on legal regulations and scientific data in order to protect public health, which is within the scope of general services of Girne Municipality, 10 businesses with deficiencies were warned in writing; 20 enterprises were also given notice of closure if they did not rectify their deficiencies.

Nidai Gungordu, Mayor of Girne Municipality said:

“Our aim from the ongoing official controls within the scope of Girne Municipality services is to protect public health. In these months, when we spend the last days of the summer season, I would like to share with all our tradesmen that have commercial activity that they should not start without meeting all legal regulations, be it a beauty salon or a food business. As in the human service sectors, it is important for all of us that all our businesses operate successfully and in accordance with the legal regulations and principles that will protect human health.”

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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