October 4, 2023

By Chris Elliott….

In the past weeks and months I have not been able to spend time away from home meeting people, relaxing and just enjoying life so it was a big surprise when I had a message from my friend for Diane Loftus suggesting I might like to go to Hati’s Cafe, Esentepe on Wednesday 14th September 2022.

Now I have been to Hati’s Cafe many times in the past so it was nice to go back and see Hati Gürbüz and also Diane but I was in for a big surprise as when I arrived there were so many faces I recognised but did not know the people.

This was a nice social gathering of friends to celebrate the Wedding Anniversary of their friends Mandy and Phil and I soon discovered that these lovely friendly people were the same people who I had been publishing their pictures in Susie L Fords weekly Quiz and Karaoke newsletters.

There was a nice spread of food which Hati had prepared and everyone was enjoying it plus the brilliant singing for Diane’s husband, Graham and his friends and sadly I had to leave and gather the celebrations and enjoyment continued well into the evening.

Since the recent loss of my partner Margaret Sheard this was the first opportunity of an open door to a new life which I stepped through and know that I must now move on and meet new people and start enjoying life again.  

Thank you to Diane Loftus for some of the great pictures I have shown.

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