May 31, 2023

Girne, the leading tourism city of our country which already hosts many international events, is preparing for a new one at full speed; the Gastro Show Girne.

During the event it is being planned to organise food stands of our authentic cuisine, live cooking demonstrations, an academic panel on gastronomy, folk dance performances, musical broadcasts as well as other traditional cultural and artistic activities.

Ahead of the event, the Municipality cooperating with food engineers, has given hygiene training to ensure that general hygiene and quality standards are maintained according to international norms.

The training was given by the President of the Chamber of Food Engineers, Beste Oymen, who explained hygiene risks during the storage, preparation, production and presentation of foods and protective measures  to avoid them. Information on general hygiene issues as well as those specific to the Gastro Show and personal hygiene was also shared.

After the training session certificates were presented to all participants.

Beste Oymen said that the issue of food hygiene was important in our everyday activities. The Municipality of Girne was to be commended to focus on such an important issue and wished such exemplary practice was provided in all municipalities. She wished success to everyone who would contribute to the Gastro Show event.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü said gastronomy was the most important topic in tourism and they were paying serious attention to the responsibility of organising such an event for the first time on behalf of the country. In presenting a visual show to the citizens as well as to the whole world they were meticulous about human health and food safety by following international norms.

Cypriot cuisine was a blend of Mediterranean and various other passing cultures. When promoting it globally it was important to preserve its authenticity and the originality of the ingredients used.

Güngördü thanked the Chamber of Food Engineers for their contributions while the 1st Gastro Show Girne, was being organised.

He invited everyone to come and experience the authentic Cypriot atmosphere in the old Bandabuliya setting where cooking of local dishes could be witnessed and tasted. Other local food products would also be on sale.

The Gastro Show will start on Saturday 17th September at 12:00 noon with the opening ceremony and finish at 22:00 pm.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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