May 31, 2023

The opening of the 20th International North Cyprus Music Festival 2022 with Fazil Say and Serenad Bağçan was in Salamis Amphitheatre on September 13, 2022.

By Heidi Trautmann…..

We have to thank Halil Kalgay for his enormous effort to organise this concert in the antique theatre with the internationally renowned artists Fazil Say and Serenad Bağçan. The amphitheatre was packed to the last seat. We were glad to have come early at 19.30 and until the planned start of the concert at 21.00 hrs, people still streamed into the theatre, hard to name the number but I guess about 3000 people?

I had the pleasure to see both of them on stage in 2015 in the Girne Amphitheatre and since that time I have been following their road together or Fazil Say on his concert tours around the globe. There is much interesting information given on the internet. Here is one link I would like to give the reader to listen to, it is Fazil Say’s famous composition Kara Toprak/Black Earth which he also played for us in this concert

The two artists are a wonderful team, they understand each other and work together very well. The audience expressed their love for them, you could feel the connection in the air and in the rows next to me and all around.

Fazil Say is a magician, I felt the enchantment on myself, and not for the first time, he is telling a story with his music, and when you see him plucking the notes from the keys and throwing them at us in the audience….. you will understand, yes, while he plays, he is music…

At the end, he gave us some jazz and he did jazzzz and told us that he will be with us again in October in Bellapais… with a very special programme.

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