September 22, 2023

The Committee on Missing Persons reached the remains, thought to belong to 3 Turkish Cypriots, during the excavations started on the basis of investigation of the fate of 3 Turkish Cypriots who were lost in 1963.

According to the information received by the TAK reporter from the Office of Turkish Cypriot Member of the Missing Persons Committee, the remains thought to belong to 3 Turkish Cypriots, who were lost in 1963 and were never heard from thereafter, were found during the excavation of a well in the village of Trulli/Troulli.

It was also stated that in the searches, that started in 2005 and carried out simultaneously throughout the island, the remains of Greek Cypriot missing persons were found every year in the North, while no results were obtained in the last 7 years for finding the remains of Turkish Cypriots missing persons from any research and excavation in the South.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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