May 31, 2023

By Heidi Trautmann….

Sunday, 28 Aug 2022, was the last evening of the 14th Pekmez Festival in Ozanköy,  I and my friends were there on Saturday evening, and found parking near the Ozanköy cemetery, it is recommended though to come before 19.00 pm.

A big crowd moved down the lane along the many stands and a sugary smell was hanging over our heads.

The food stands were the most queued at…. and people were taking home bottles of pekmez and other preserved goodies. Stands with art and craft, jewelry, and natural hand-made soap and cremes, and from the last, I bought some again to fill up my soap plate, they look so pretty among the stone collection.

 From a stand with cute objects made from Ytong I bought a small container to burn olive leaves in against mosquitos and evil spirits… And yes, as was to be expected, Hasan Eminağa and his wife from Dizayn 74, were present, he created small objects on the potters’ wheel, and she was at the display table with some of their artwork.

On the big stage, a guitarist and a singer made good music and the kids stormed the stage and danced and it reminded me of my own childhood. Later we admired three couples dancing the tango and it made many limbs twitch with the passionate tunes.

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