March 31, 2023

By Oz Orman….

Chris Elliot was very kind with his words when I posted to him the second part of my research video on Nicosia International Airport. I’m no You Tuber, but since semi-retirement from Primary teaching in London. I decided to embark on my passion for history, aviation, and research.

To keep busy, I also learned how to put videos together for YouTube using a specific programme. I’ve never been a great fan of technology and my channel is also aided by my friends and is not for monetary gain. I don’t actively seek subscribers or check for views. Once a video has been uploaded, it’s onto the next project. However, on occasions, more information comes my way, which I hadn’t anticipated. Therefore you have to plan for a part 2 and not worry about the length of the video. This is what happened after I completed- N.I.C. An airport too far…Part 1.

On average, YouTube viewers lose interest after 3 minutes unless they have specifically identified something to watch. YouTube also claim, that you need a hook to encourage people to watch and you also need to make your video flow. I felt that it was important to tie up the information I mentioned in part one of the Nicosia International video and make it balanced.

The National Archives, Kew , Photograph by Mike Peel (

There are many videos about the airport in the buffer zone, but I wanted to focus on drawing out information that hadn’t been covered before. I also have the added incentive of visiting the National Archives in Kew, London. Here there is a plethora of documentation relating to everything Cyprus and beyond. You just have to be savvy enough to plan and identify the key information. A couple of hours at the National Archives can leave you with brain fog because the information can be so overwhelming. It is a case of pacing yourself and making sure that what you are recording or photographing is relevant. Security at the National Archives is tight. However, I’m now a lot better at using the facility and used what I have discovered to aid my research and feature in my videos.

Part 2 of N.I.C. An airport too far… focuses on Ercan and Larnaca as both communities moved away from re-establishing Nicosia International as the island’s main airport. So far, both videos have been well received, but they are stories I wanted to tell and publish. It was interesting finding out what was going on behind the scenes with the airport and aircraft post-1974. I hope your readers find it informative. In typical fashion, once I had aired Part 2, more information came my way, which would enable a part 3 at some point.

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  1. If comments were enabled or a means to contact the author provided I believe a great deal more information and detail would come to light

    1. Hello Tony most comments on CyprusScene articles are approved and we are always happy to pass on information or requests for information to the author

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