March 21, 2023

By Trevor Hughes…

Eye Sight Tests for Driving

Notice for driving license holders

If you are considering driving over the border to the south of Cyprus, and you are 70 years of age or older, and intend driving over there, before going over, you may be required to prove you have undergone a recent eye test. The test must be undertaken on the Greek side to ensure your eyesight meets their minimum standard and you are able to drive a car for a one-year period.

We are getting feedback from some drivers, that they have not been subjected to the eye test rule and some drivers are not being allowed to drive over the border, unless they have written documentation proving their eyesight conforms. At the moment it seems that you pay the money and you take your chance!!

Directions on how to find an Optician on the Greek side

There is an optician in the shopping mall in Nicosia, on the Greek side, which is within walking distance from the border crossing at Ledra Street (by the green line).

If you walk along the pedestrian“walkway” with all the shops on either side of you. At the end of the walkway, turn left and walk towards the post office, there is an excellent optician which we used some years ago, which is located on your left.

Alternatively, if you turn right at the end of the walkway, cross the road and walk towards the bus station. Go to the end of this short road and turn left. There is an alternative optician on your right-hand side and it’s only a 10-minute walk away from the end of the shopping mall.

UK Passport Renewal

Be aware, that renewing your Overseas UK Passport is taking up to at least 11 weeks to complete.

If your passport is getting close to its renewal date, and you decide the time is right to start the renewal procedure, make sure that you will not need it whilst it is in the process of renewal for at least 11 weeks. You may need it for any of the following: Residency applications, Police, a work permit application, or for when you are arranging your flight, the agent taking your reservation details will enter the passport number valid at the time, allowing them to process your flight reservation.

When you go to the airport on the day of departure, your new passport number will differ from the number you gave at the time of booking your flight reservation. This could cause some difficulty for you at the check-in desk.

Always carry your old passport for a few months because you may well need to refer to it!

Minimum Wage

It has been agreed by the Government recently, that the minimum wage is going up from 1st August 2022, to 8600 TL per month.

Can this country not learn from past experiences from the UK, that giving into union demands and increasing the wage bill for fellow workers only adds to mega inflation, as experienced in Great Britain in the 1970s/80s?

The only way to stop this “merry go round “is to tackle the reason for inflation, head on!

Why can’t the government reduce KDV on fuel and consumables and not pass on the knock-on effect of increasing the amount paid on residence payments? Otherwise, they could kill the goose that lays the “golden egg”.

This Government is awash with money, they just don’t know how to budget and get money in which is owed.

Their resolution to the problems is to increase charges instead of tackling the reason for a budget deficit, head on!

Home Security

As we’re all trying to keep our homes cool during this hot weather; keeping doors and windows open means there are potential opportunities for thieves.” 

It is just common sense, make sure the place is locked up when leaving your home even for a short time, obscure any windows downstairs so people can’t look into the property. 

“Don’t announce it on social media that you’re going on holiday –that’s a growing trend now where people [burglars] look on social media to find out who is going on holiday or going back to their homeland for a few weeks. 

Lock up, take keys out, lock windows, take photographs of every room in your house because the biggest thing is burglars tip the place upside down and it takes you a while to think about what’s been stolen. 

Try to only leave windows open for ventilation when you are in the room and lock them when you leave the house. 

Do not leave windows open, even on upper floors if they are next to a flat roof which can be used to climb up and enter your premises.

Use window opener restrictors. They can still allow a breeze to flow into the house, without having the window open wide enough for someone to climb inside.

If the opportunists hear you outside, they might try the door and if unlocked, they will enter and quickly search around for handbags or other easy items to steal. 

If you wish to ask me a question, please do so in the contact box below.

Best wishes

Trevor Hughes

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