August 14, 2022

By Richard Beale….

In the UK Brits are struggling to cope with the extreme temperatures, here in the TRNC however despite the heat local football carries on. We have had forest fires, and referees on strike but the BTM League 2 season is in its 8th round of matches with 2 more weeks to go, then there will be “Play Offs”.

Its July and now the womens Puma League has started!.

Below are matches that I think are in ex-pat areas and maybe of interest.


Fri July 22 Çamlıbel SK v Yeşil Harnup Kozanköy Lapta Şht Şevket Kadır Stadium
Sat July 23 Yarköy PGSK v Bafra SK Kaplıca Emre Genç Stadium
Sat July 23 Ardahan SD v Dipkarpaz  TSK Geçitkale Stadium
Sat July 23
Kaplıca Karadeniz 61 v Ergazi GSK Akova Eray Vudalı Stadium (Akova is just up the road left from the Geçitkale roundabout. MATCH OF THE DAY.
Sun July 24 Tatlısu Seracılar GSK v Mutluyaka HSK Tatlısu Rauf Raıf Denktaş Stadium
Sun July 24 Bahçeli SK v Şerhatköy SK Çatalköy Nihat Bağcier Stadium (behind old Tempo Supermarket)
Sun July 24 SFC Boğaziçi v Alaniçi YSK Geçitkale Stadium
Sun July 24 Merit Alsancak Yeşilova SK v Yonpaş Dumlupınar YSK Lapta Şht Şevket Kadır Stadium. Women’s Puma League.

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