March 22, 2023

Readers mail ….
From Susie L Ford ….. Quiz misstress ….

Hello Readers,

Keith and Lesley Ellis set forward a challenge where I, the quiz mistress had to answer questions set by the quizzers at the Diiva Restaurant. Esentepe on 30th June 2022.

Martin played the mastermind music to get us in the mood and Keith read out the questions. 

The results were: 

  • 1st  Tyke That                   21
  • 2nd Dunne N Dusted        20
  • 3rd Foundations 2            13 1/2
  • 4th Susie Q                      13 yay I came in at 4th place
  • 5th Socialites                   11
  • 6th Fork Handles             10 1/2
  • 7th P.Head Karaokes       7  1/2

A  total of 1, 680 TL was made for Tulips through this event so Well Done All 

Sue Tilt’s presentation to Susie and Martin Ford

Sue Tilt – our lady from Tulips, came along and supported the night with hubby Paul and presented Martin and myself with a beautiful plaque from Tulips. Actually it was quite an emotional moment for me so Thank you Sue., ,  We handed to Tulips the MAYHEM show monies and also Susie’s quiz pot too .

Thank you to Keith and Lesley so much for all your hard work organising this event it was great fun and I am looking forward to the next one. Thank you both for my certificate and prize;

Remember quizzers !! —  FEED THE PIGEONS !!!!

Susie Q Xxxx

PS: This is what Sue Tilt said of the evening

“Susie and Martin continually provide evenings of fun and laughter on the east side of Girne and so very often in aid of Tulips.  We’ve seen the Abnormals, Mayhem, the Beatles, 1980’s and many quizzes and many more.

Thursday,  30th June 2022 saw the tables turn on Susie and she was challenged with questions that she had previously set on many other quizzes. She was up against some formidable teams and although didn’t win she did come 2nd all by herself.

Huge thanks to Keith and Lesly Ellis for organising this, to Susie for being such a great sport and accepting the challenge and to everyone that attended and help raise 1360TL

Tulips also received 7,462.50TL plus £20 from previous events (Mayhem and the 1980’s evenings).

Once again thank you everyone.


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