March 23, 2023

By Chris Elliott….

I am not alone when it comes to being very unhappy with the service of KIB-TEK and the daily multi-power cuts said to be due to the non delivery of Fuel Oil but they could do so much better with lateral thinking and a move away from the reliance on a power stations that is constantly emitting noxious fumes and no wonder North Cyprus its claimed,. has one of the highest levels of cancer in the world.

So what could be done about it? Lateral thinking about the glorious sun we enjoy nearly every day of the year and with the use of solar panels, there is a free source of energy waiting to be harnessed.

Now there are a number of companies in Northern Cyprus supplying Solar power systems and I have a friend who paid for and had a system installed around 8 years ago consisting of solar panels, storage batteries, and an inverter and he mainly uses the solar power system for generating electricity and occasionally uses mains electricity. I understand there are perhaps two systems with one or two KIB-TEK meters and the ability to feed power back into the national grid depending on the system installed. The downside of solar panel energy is it’s not a good system to use with high-energy home appliances such as electric kettles and ovens.

Now clearly we cannot dispense with the use of power stations but KIB-TEK could come together with the solar system suppliers and first of all have all systems registered with an annual taxation just like we pay to run our cars on TRNC roads/

Now come to think of it why can’t owners of generators pay a nominal annual tax as this is far from the cleanest alternative energy source when there are power cuts.

Next KIB-TEK could provide subsidies to the end-user for the installation of solar systems which would help to make the systems more affordable and remove user demand from KIB-TEK and also make the TRNC more green compliant

This is perhaps a radical suggestion and as my father said to me when I bought my first car as a teenager “If it’s not Broke don’t Fix it” and KIB-TEk could well do to consider other energy options as their system often breaks down for one reason or another.   

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  1. They could solve another problem of waste by building eco friendly incinerarors like in the uk in my town of nottingham they supply electricity to and heating to about 50000 homes

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