March 21, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz

I am sure, there must be many many people like me, who want to go out for a world tour, but cannot do it, due to one or more reasons. As far as I am concerned, the main factor is the absence of finance. I understand it needs a lot of money to go out to even one place in another country, so it is not difficult to understand that visiting more than one country requires lots of money.

But there are many, who just like me have the same dream, and the same reasons for not making their dream become a reality. This is the fact, though it’s not only lack of money that usually stops one to go out for a world tour. Of course, here I am not talking about those who can manage to go out to some other country and some other place, yearly during their holidays. As I mentioned earlier i am talking about those who do not have sufficient funds to finance all this.

I remember, way back in 1972, when I was 17 years old, I met one young British man named David, who was on his world tour. He did have very few belongings, packed in his rucksack, keeping his expenses to the minimum. He had been out of his home country for over nine months then and had been through a number of countries, hitchhiking, and on trains and buses. I remember I was very impressed by him. I did have a chat with him and he told me about his experiences during that ongoing world tour. Unfortunately, I had not asked him about the way he was financing his tour. That was my mistake that I had not asked him. But now, I can understand, that he did have some money in his pocket at the start of the adventure, had kept his expenses to the minimum, and might have asked for some financial help from his parents back home, whenever in need.

But that cannot be my case. I do not have money in my pocket and I do not have sufficient money back home, to contribute meeting my expenses, if I go out for a world tour. Of course, I am not talking about air travel. I am talking about, trains and buses, which though are costly yet still cheaper.

In my mind, I believe that one day I will be able to start being paid by Youtube. I do have my own Youtube channel, which I started more than a year ago. I am uploading videos almost daily and am moving ahead, though the results are not too encouraging utill now. However, I have not lost hope, and am continuing, to work hard to be admitted to the Youtube Partner program. Once crossing this important milestone, i believe that I would be able to start getting paid.

That would be the starting point for me, to plan my world tour plan. Once out, I intend to make blogs about every place that I visit. I am sure that those videos would attract a lot of people, who would watch them. This would obviously increase the watch hours of my videos and the number of subscribers, leading to a constant flow of even a small amount from Youtube. I am very hopeful about my this plan, as this seems the only way to finance my world tour.

Presently I am just building this plan in my mind, and am hopeful of it being materialised in a short period of time. Of course, I cannot say how short or long this can be this “short period”, but there is great hope. So that’s my plan, and I intend to “just do it”, in near future.

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