March 26, 2023

By Margaret Sheard….

Thank you to those wonderful caring people who have made a donation to our Go Fund Me account as every little helps combat my increasing sickness with ever increasing treatments…

Since the publication of the Go Fund Me appeal detailing my health problems, it was necessary to call for an ambulance on Wednesday 11th May for suspected dehydration and after treatment, I was brought home again.

On Friday evening 13th May 2022, Chris had to call for an ambulance again to take me back to the hospital after I developed symptoms similar to those he had seen a few days before and as the ambulance arrived it seems, I started to have a seizure and was taken immediately to the hospital and placed in intensive care and it seems I had an epileptic fit and was kept in intensive care for the next two days.

On Monday 16th May following tests it was discovered I had 2 brain tumors and I was immediately transferred from the Karakum hospital to Lefkosia where I was seen by my oncologist and he explained my new condition and arranged for me to have urgently a daily course of radiotherapy treatments and was released on Friday 20th May which was a so nice to be home 

I then returned as an outpatient on Monday  23rd May for my daily radiotherapy treatment but on Wednesday there was a machine breakdown and I had to wait until Friday 27th May for another treatment.

This coming week I am scheduled to have 3 more radiotherapy treatments and then after tests and further consultations with my oncologist, I hope progress will have been made, and then I will resume my immunotherapy treatment for my lung cancer.

Please help me as I would help others without hesitation in making a donation on:


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