March 27, 2023

To welcome Summer 2022 – Director: Tatiana Khamzina; Accompanist Rauf Kasimov….

By Heidi Trautmann….

Can there be a better way to welcome summer than getting together and sing, especially after the problematic last years? The Choir’s last summer breeze concert was in 2019, performed on three different days in three different churches.

Yesterday, on May 25, 2022, we were getting together at the recently renovated St. Nicholas Church in Yesiltepe, the village’s Cultural Centre, where an instrument maker has his workshop, making flutes from bamboo among others; he seems to be also the warden of the church and he said, he keeps the door open for visitors during the week. The view from the church yard down to the sea is beautiful where I found the choir members and the pianist Rauf Kasimov, long time accompanist of the choir, relaxing before the concert, what a lovely atmosphere.

The concert was well attended with approximately 100 guests, extra chairs had to be added. The choir members marched in led by the pianist and faced us, 16 members: 6 alt, 3 bass and 7 soprano, they were very warmly welcomed by the audience.

We were taken on a journey of romantic and cheerful songs, songs that we have been singing in our young years and I saw many heads nodding and lips moving among the audience, in one neighbour’s eyes I saw even tears shining. I have been with the choir for rehearsals and concerts since the founding year of 2001 under Maggie Woolcock; 20 years of working together, what an achievement. The director Tatiana Khamzina has joined them only this year. With great enthusiasm, we heard them perform ‘cheerful tunes to herald the arrival of happier days for us all’ as they announced with their programme. We had four soloists stand up among them Darya, a sweet young girl of perhaps 10 years, she sang for us with all her heart. I have attached a copy of the programme.

A very moving evening, a big thank you for the joy you gave us and the joy you showed with your performance. On May 27, there will be a second performance at the Antiphonitis Monastery, also a very enchanting place in the hills above Esentepe.

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