March 22, 2023

By Hughjarss…..

A dozen Beach-Ninjas helped a team from SPOT to clean Tatlisu beach on Sunday 8th May 2022 in preparation for the arrival of this season’s turtles. In a couple of hours more than 250 kilos of rubbish, mainly plastic, was removed. A spokesman Ninja said “We have been cleaning this beach and the back dunes for a few years now and it is still surprising just how much stuff is dumped or washed up by the sea.

After a clean it is so thrilling to come back, after a couple of weeks, to see the trail of a turtle hen leading from the sea to the nest she has scraped out and to know that there are now 50-100 eggs of these severely endangered animals safely incubating under the sand.

SPOT do a great job protecting the nests against dogs and other hazards but they cannot protect against moronic humans. Last year someone took their quad-bike onto the beach, which is illegal, deliberately drove over the nests on “our” beach, and smashed all the nest protectors. One of the things we cleared away, this year,  was a thick layer of melted plastic where someone had burned a big pile of plastic sheeting, glass bottles, cans and other debris. The exploded bottles and jagged cans were embedded like knives in the bed of solidified plastic presenting a very serious danger to everyone walking there, let alone turtles.

A clean beach is a safe beach, which is great for us as well as being a magnet for tourists (and their money). Turtles need our protection 100%, and not just on the beach but at sea too. In return they will bring us joy – and more tourists. Loving turtles is part of loving Cyprus and making it a better place.”

SPOT: Society for the Protection Of Turtles.

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