September 27, 2022

“Back in 2007, the husband announced “ lets live abroad, it will be good for our health” my first thought was has he taken leave of his senses? However the idea grew and the idea of living abroad was born.

Fast forward to 2013, we moved into our villa, our worldly goods arrived a week later. Retiring from a 32 year career in nursing, I now had the time to take up hobbies I wanted to do, but never had the time (or the inclination to be honest) to start. Joining a craft group made lovely new friends and new skills, but I wanted a little more, a chance purchase of Cyprus Today I read an advertisement asking for volunteers for a new shop for KAR, a phone call and a visit later saw me start my volunteering role at KAR (still work in the shop, love it!)

There’s only so much cleaning a woman can do in retirement (well in my case it is) KAR had put the call out for Meeters and Greeters at our rescue centre, it was for people who would show visitors around thus saving the staff from having to stop what they were doing to show visitors around. I like meeting people I’m quite chatty so after a discussion with the husband I asked to do a Tuesday morning at the centre, husband was golfing that morning so it would only be the cats home alone.

A Tuesday came and I set off, an introduction and a sheet informing me about KAR was read and I was ready to meet and greet. Summer time can be busy, as well as our regular dog walkers, we have our swallows and holiday makers come to have a look round. Social media and sites like Trip Advisor inform people that we exist and people are welcome to visit us.

I show people around, explain about our work, answer any questions they may have, it’s that simple! I’ve met some very nice people over the years and some of our visitors have fell in love with some of our dogs, in that they have adopted them and the dogs have a happy life in the UK and in Europe, even as far as Canada.

All was well, until Covid hit, places closed down, and obviously the centre closed to visitors, our shops closed and our income drastically reduced. I could not go to the centre until the restrictions eased. Currently our visitors are few and far between, but I still go to help, marigolds on I simply help with cleaning, 42 cat bowls, a large number of litter trays washed and ready for our kitties, I give the vet room the weekly clean and I will do what is needed, I’m not one to sit and twiddle my thumbs. I socialize our kittens, a task I love, and do not complain about doing ever .

Coffee time is 10 am and everyone sits and chats, and we have a good team that work well together.

2022 should hopefully see return of our visitors/holidaymakers, they are sorely missed. So, if you fancy doing some volunteering, have 4 hours to spare would like to be amid people and happy barking dogs, and you like meeting people, then join us. Oh, and last but not least don’t wear your good clothes, our dogs do not recognize the difference between good clothing and clothing you don’t mind getting a little mucky.”

If you would like to help KAR please contact our office on 0533 8694098

Source: Kyrenia Animal Rescue Facebook

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