April 1, 2023

By Chris Elliott….

I am writing to thank all those wonderful people who responded to my appeal for support for Margaret Sheard who is undergoing and having very expensive treatment for her cancer.

It is amazing just how many touching messages of support we have received and would like to share some of them with you.

“Demetra G. Mustafoglu  – Cultural Diplomacy Award US State Department, Miss OK, Grammy List Nominee, 

Please help support our friend Margaret who along with Chris Elliott has served the KKTC community by producing the online CyprusScene news.

Speedy recovery to our precious friend.

Oya Kutsal – TV Presenter, Teacher and fundraiser for needy causes

Dear Margaret, a dear and valuable friend of ours who has been a news reporter at KKTC for many years. Now she needs financial support due to illness. Friends who want to support can donate.

Rauf Ersenal – Historian

Margaret never left us alone in this beautiful country. Despite her advanced age, she informed and introduced our every activity to the world. Now it’s our turn. Even your small contribution will show she is not alone.

Ismet Medi – President, CEO at Medi Foundation

Let’s help the wonderful Margaret Sheard, everyone, she has helped many people over the years and deserves some help from us. Every little helps. Thank you

Gloria Oswick

Margaret and Chris were wonderfully kind when Roy was so ill. They started a Go Fund Me for him. I only wish I could help them as much as they helped us. Bless you, Margaret. I know how worrying it must be for you. Sending love, as ever. Gloria

Susan Strudwick

Dear Chris and Margaret,

I couldn’t ignore your message. such a courageous and hard working lady. also yourself, with how you are helping and caring. I enjoy your newspaper also.

Much love and sincere heartfelt wishes to you both,


Hi Margaret..

A special thank you for all of your time and effort you give to Cyprusscene. You give so much of your time..I would like to tell you how much you are appreciated and how much enjoyment I get from reading…I and many others look forward to you returning to the press table as soon as you are able..

Very much obliged.
Kind regards”

In a few day’s time, Margaret will be having an expensive Petscan test which will enable her oncologist to review the result of the immunotherapy treatment she has been having, following the failure of her previous chemotherapy treatment.

We are praying the result will be good and that then she will start a new course of expensive immunotherapy to try and help her body rid itself of her cancer and anybody that would like to make a donation to help her, can do so via this link https://gofund.me/302da082

Thank you for your understanding and kindness

Chris Elliott
Founder of CyprusScene.com

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