March 28, 2023

By Trevor Hughes…

Bayram Holidays

Bank Holidays for the month of May are as follows: Monday 2nd of May 2022 through to Wednesday 4th May and Thursday19th May 2022, Banks, Government/local Government offices will be closed for each of these days.


İf you are in the market for new curtains, look no further than Imaj Perde. I had the need to replace some of my curtains recently, so decided to give this shop a chance to supply and fit. On the day in question, he arrived at my house ‘bang on time’, measured up and gave me a quote there and then!

Within 6 working days he came back to my house, again on time and the curtains were fitted in a matter of minutes.

The shop is located almost next to Capital Bank in Alsancak, his English is excellent, so no problem there!

The quality of his work and the quality of fabric is ‘second to none’. His telephone number is 0542 884 9900.

Power Cuts

We have all suffered from the effects of power cuts recently, and it seems all too likely to keep happening for the foreseeable future, despite the massive increases in cost to the customer.

One of the many downsides of these infuriating cuts, is the affect they can have on your electrical items, especially air conditioning units.

Apart from the annoyance, you need to be aware of the power cuts have on your electrical items when the power is eventually restored. Fluctuations can vary, putting the elements inside the a/c unit, at risk which may need to be replaced. These units may not be covered by your insurance company and could cost over 600 US dollars to replace. If your insurance company does cover these units, in all probability, they must be under 5 years old for a claim to be considered. Check with your insurance provider if your units are covered?

How to remove black mould?

Mould can be harmful to your health, causing allergic reactions and cold-like symptoms when inhaled, or even touched. Getting rid of unpleasant fungus spores from your bedroom is crucial to avoid an adverse reaction while you sleep.

This mould is more prevalent in homes owned by people (swallows) who leave the country for long periods who ensure all windows are tightly shut which causes a reduction in air circulation, the main cause of black mould!

Black mould can have serious implications for your health, which is why it is so important to tackle the problem when it occurs in your home – especially in the bedroom. Removing mould from bedroom walls can be done easily

How to remove mould from bedroom walls?

It is estimated that between five and 50 percent of all homes have black mould,

This unpleasant growth produces harmful spores that disagree with the human body, including irritants and in some cases, toxic substances.

While this pungent fungus may seem hard to remove with anything other than harsh chemicals, there are plenty more natural alternatives which can target the root of the problem.

White vinegar

Distilled white vinegar is one of the best alternatives to bleach and commercial mould removers because of its powerful acidity and antibacterial properties.

This basic ingredient can be used undiluted to treat mould on walls and ceilings, just be sure to wipe the excess liquid away to avoid a lingering scent.

Decant the vinegar into a spray bottle and apply generously to the affected area.

Use a disposable kitchen towel to wipe the surface mould away, using a toothbrush to clear stubborn stains.

Leave the wall to dry and use a damp towel to wipe the surface once

Lemon Juice

While it may not be the strongest weapon to use against black mould, lemon juice is one of the best ingredients to use either as a secondary mould treatment, or on smaller clusters of spores.

Juice three to five lemons and pour the undiluted liquid onto the mould.

Leave the acidic juice to set for around 10 minutes before wiping away with a damp towel.

To treat smaller patches of black mould, soak a toothbrush in some lemon juice and scrub away the spores instead.

Lemon juice is most effective against mould when paired with a hand or dish soap and a few drops of white vinegar.

This gentle combination will leave your bedroom walls clear while releasing a refreshing scent to counteract any musty smells caused by the spores.

As an insurance agent I come across many claims from customers hoping their mould problem can be claimed on their insurance, which is not covered. Most people who use the lemon method have reported considerable success.

Cash Machines

West of Girne is currently experiencing problems when trying to withdraw sterling from these blessed cash machines, quite why is a complete mystery?

However, machines in other areas are dispensing currency in sterling as well as Turkish Lira.

Now here’s the rub, Koop Bank do not process cards gained from Banks outside of the TRNC and Garanti Bank have a service charge of 6.99% on every transaction, when most other Banks charge 5% on every single transaction.

Speed Cameras

There are rumors going around, due to the current situation with the on/off electricity supply we are all experiencing, many of the speed cameras are switched off in order to save electricity.

This is completely untrue and drivers should obey the speed limits as if the cameras are fully functional.

Annual Forest Fire Alert

The lighting of fires is forbidden for the next six months with effect from 1st of May 2022, through to 31st October 2022, the Fire Department has announced.

If you come across a fire, ring one of the following numbers 199,155, 177 or 101 as soon as you notice a fire or smoke.

You will need to apply for permission before lighting a fire from your local mukhtar, who will indicate what precautions must be taken. If you decide to have a picnic in a forest area where a picnic with a fire is permitted, make sure the charcoal is completely extinguished before discarding it.


Current passport processing times in the U K are estimated to take up to 10 weeks, this is according to the UK HM Passport Office.

Applicants who are applying from outside of the UK should expect even longer waiting times.

In preparation for the demand for international travel returning, since April 2021 the office has published clear guidance that their customers should allow up to ten weeks to get their passports renewed.

Current processing times are estimated to take up to 10 weeks according to HM Passport Office.

Applicants who are applying from outside the UK should expect even longer waiting times.

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Best wishes

Trevor Hughes

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