April 1, 2023

By Ismail Veli….

When I initially started the research into my village history and roots around 2009 I never imagined that it would eventually lead to uncovering original archive documents dating from the 16th century to the 1950’s. 

I began to compile the information and in August of 2011 I finally opened the families of Lurucina website. This of course was simply one step forward in that I shared my findings up to that point. The massive archive information and a minimum of 8.000 individuals recorded on our village family trees has now been consolidated. 

Early last year with the world of technology in constant change and reform, I was unable to edit the site as it was in the process of being taken over by a new provider. This was finally completed around mid February this year. Not being savvy with internet technology I’m only now beginning to grasp the changes to my own website. Though my research has inevitably slowed due to the fact that I have already uncovered massive amounts of archive information, I’m still uncovering what the old timers say “bits and bobs”. 

The latest findings are tax records and payments on agricultural, husbandry and property paid by our ancestors in 1832/33. The archive documents records Ref No: ML.VRD.TMT.d.16152 pages 48-51, are amazingly detailed and in due course, these will naturally be added to the website in the near future. In addition to the history and family trees of Lurucina, anyone interested in the culture and way of life in Cyprus , will also find the website immensely enjoyable in many aspects of Cypriot life and history.

The new website is. https://yelluk.wixsite.com/families-of-lurucina

PS: If you want to read articles I have published here on CyprusScene about history world affairs and people you may do so by placing my name in the CyprusScene search box and I wish you good reading.

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