February 6, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

52 years ago, on 10th April, 1970, Paul McCartney had officially issued a press release stating that he was leaving “The Beatles”. Most probably there had not been any other such step which had shocked the whole music world before.  For the fans of “The Beatles”, the date of 10th April, every year carries a special meaning to them.

For some though the official announcement of Paul McCartney on that date was not an unexpected step. For quite sometime the initial signs of growing opinion differences between the band members had started surfacing and noticed. Differences between the members of any team is something that has usually been considered as normal. But not for “The Beatles”. The crazy fans of “The Beatles” had never expected that the band members would not be able to sort out their differences amicably. For the fans, thus the breakup of The Beatles had come as a big shock.

The interesting point is that in those days nobody had ever thought of the dissolution of a music band, which had changed the music forever, in a short period of time.  The Beatles had released their first album “Please Please Me” in 1963, and “Let It Be” and “Abbey Road” their last album in 1969. In this short period of about 7 years, they had created the music which had affected the whole world of music. “Beatle-mania” had become the world over craze.

For some observors, the clock for the ultimate dissolution of the band had started with the death of Brian Epstein, their manager in 1967. Brian a record store owner, with having no previous experience of running a band, had played a crucial role in taking the band to the top. With his death, The Beatles found themselves at a loss, with nobody taking care of their business, finance and above all of them in person. The change of the manager and the overall financial setup had for the first time brought The Beatles to come face to face with things other than music. This of course led to unresolved opinion differences between them.

For many, the arrival of Yoko Ono, in the life of John Lennon, had disturbed the whole set up of the group. John had openly started bringing Yoko to the practice session and had started getting influenced by her thoughts while writing the songs. John and Paul had previously been writing the songs together, and the arrival of Yoko had disturbed the initial chemistry of songwriting. Paul had openly raised his voice against this but of no use.

However, the virtual split of the group had come a couple of months earlier, before the official announcement by Paul McCartney. John Lennon had already left the group on 20th September 1969, but that news was kept secret, till the financial deals of the group got finalised.

Once The Beatles had decided among themselves to bring the “Beatle era” to an end, they ventured into recording their last album “Abbey Road”. In this album particularly “The End” does show the real end of “The Beatles”, wherein a fantastic balance of their mutual harmony the drum solo by Ringo Starr led into a three-part solo guitar performance by Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and George Harrison.

I am happy to belong to the generation who had listened to the songs of The Beatles on the radio, during the days when the group was still intact.

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