March 28, 2023

The exhibition featuring the largest known Auguste Rodin collection in the Eastern Mediterranean due to take place on 12 April in Antalya, has been postponed to a future date due to technical reasons.

The founder of Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD), Erbil Arkın with the cooperation of Arkın Rodin Collection Gallery and Antalya Culture Arts will be holding an exhibition of selected works from his collection, for the first time. The occasion will mark the founding of ARUCAD in 2017 and also the 140th Anniversary of Antalya Chamber of Commerce. It is being supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Türkiye.

The selection will include iconic works like The Kiss, Eternal Spring and The Falling Man by the French sculptor Rodin, known as the pioneer of modern sculpture. The exhibition is being prepared to take visitors on a great artistic adventure from the passionate universe of the artist, deep-rooted in the romanticism of 19th Century European sculpture tradition to the 20th century and beyond to modern times.

Source (Turkish): Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD),

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