April 1, 2023

A joint venture of Gibetsu and Tiyatro Su groups brought the play which was performed at the Girne Municipality Chamber Theatre with the support of Girne and Çatalköy Municipalities.

Written by Burçhan Göze and co-directed by Derman Atik and Cenk Gürçağ the play received great acclaim from the audience. The performance was part of the Girne Municipality’s ‘Theatre Days’ agenda.

Burçhan Göze won first prize in the “Musicals and Musical Playwriting” competition held by Girne Municipality.   “Pygmalion, a Democracy Musical” is a two-act comedy set in an imaginary Cyprus Kingdom at an unspecified time.

After the show Mayor, Nidai Güngördü, touched on the importance of celebrating 27th March as World Theatre Day and said that the Girne Municipality Theatre Studio was established 23 years ago. He emphasised that it was important and necessary to keep theatre performances alive; with such activities they were ensuring that people came to appreciate and kept in touch with the arts.

Girne Municipality had not kept idle during the pandemic and had worked to meet all aspects of the needs of its citizens. In the ‘arts’ they had held the 1st ‘Musicals and Musical Playwriting’ competition.

In staging the play the author, Burçhan Göze, co-directors, Derman Atik and Cenk Gürçağ and all contributors had triumphed. Güngördü also thanked Council Members who had participated, contributed and given every possible support to the ‘Theatre Days’ event on March 4th. He concluded with the words: “No to wars, yes to the arts”.

In his speech after the performance, Girne Municipality General Art Director, Derman Atik said that theatre performances had assumed the role of drawing everyone’s attention, to pressures aimed at suppressing the freedom of thought and to attacks on humanity, nature and the natural order of things. He reminded that theatres had remained closed for 2 years due to the pandemic and thanked Girne Mayor, Nidai Güngördü, Çatalköy Mayor, Mehmet Hulusioğlu and members of both Councils for their support in organising the event. “No to wars, yes to the arts and long live the theatre” he said and also thanked contributors and the audience.

After the speeches, plaques were presented to the author, Burçhan Göze, co-directors, Derman Atik and Cenk Gürçağ, Musical Director, Adamos Katsandonis, Dance and Choreography Director, Erbil Akün.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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