September 27, 2022

Readers mail….
From St Andrews Church, Kyrenia

St Andrews Church:- Who we are, what we are.

On Saturday 19th March a group of people from the local community, members of the church council  plus The Arch Deacon in  Cyprus, the Very Rev Christopher Fulcher and our very respected Interim Priest Father Michael Graham, following an open invitation to everyone who had an interest in the future of St Andrews to attend.

The object was to ask the community

 1] What they felt the church offered  to  them,

2] To explore what they wanted from the church

3] To establish who was prepared to travel on this pathway, actually helping.

4] To gratefully accept all helpers

5] How and who we would like to lead the church in the future

6] For the church council to consider these options.

The Church of St Andrews is a church which follows the  Anglican Tradition this is a ‘middle ground” church which is founded on scripture and the Gospels.

Whoever you are, whether part of the Anglican community  already, visitor, friend, or enquirer, we warmly welcome you to the church of St Andrews.

We would like you to be part of the ongoing decision-making community, to enable St Andrews travel into the future with a firm mandate.

We have another meeting on the 2nd April 2022  at 10am in the Church Hall to explore further ideas and suggestions.


 St Andrews Church wants to Consult with YOU!

 With thanks from the Church Council


From Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf

This Diocese serves the people of around ten political jurisdictions -depending on how you count them – across a huge area.  Everywhere our doors and our worship are open to all.  We’re of many nationalities.  Some of us are citizens of the land in which we live but most of us are expatriate migrants.  We’re aware that our region, the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean, is in the spotlight of world attention.  What happens here has global implications.  With our strong ministry of presence we try, alongside other Christian traditions, to shine a bright light especially in times of unrest and violent conflict.  With people of goodwill across faiths, we work and pray for peace with justice.

In the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf we see the features on our landscape for what they are:  God-given opportunities and blessings.

Archbishop Michael

With thanks from the Diocesan website

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