March 28, 2023

“Waiting for Godot” adapted by the Antilogos Theatre company was performed at 8pm on Thursday 17th March, at the Chamber Theatre of Girne Municipality.

Due to great demand tickets for were sold out and theatre lovers watched the play enthusiastically. There was a standing ovation for the actors at the end.

  • “Waiting for Godot” playwright: Samuel Beckett,
  • Concept, Direction, Adaptation: Kostas Silvestros,
  • Players: İzel Seylani, Yorgos Kyriakos,
  • Sound: Andonis Andoniu,
  • Props,Costumes: Thelma Kasulidou,
  • Lighting design: Kulis Shamdanis,
  • Assistant Director: Vasilis Pafitis,
  • Lights operated by:  KS İhotehniok Ekdilosis LTD,
  • Translation/Surtitles: Maria Chiakali,
  • Photography: Hristos Avraamidis,
  • Video/montage: Yorgos Aleksandrou,
  • Promotional Material and Program Design: Neofitos Avraam,
  • Promotional Material preparation, Communications and PR: Elena Yorgallu,
  • Adapted: by Antilogos Theatre company.

In his speech after the play, Girne Municipality Deputy Mayor Hakan Onurlu congratulated the players for their performances and thanked everyone who attended and contributed.

Girne Municipality General Art Director Derman Atik said:

“Waiting for Godot, is normally a three and a half hour play, but Kostas Silvestros has interpreted the play to an hour and a half. In doing this he acted rather differently to other directors by adapting it to today and beyond and to our country. The excellent performances of both actors are worthy of commendation”.

Plays to be performed at the Girne Municipality Chamber Theatre:

24,25,26,27th March: “Pygmalion, a Democracy Musical”.

Contact No: 0542 851 19 42 for more information

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality


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