March 28, 2023

According to the information given by the Municipality of Girne, on Tuesday, March 8th, 2022, at 11:00 am, an event took place in the inner garden of the Girne Municipality New Service Building, “Women and Labor Amateur Photography Exhibition in Girne” and a meeting of Girne Municipality staff women workers were held.

After the music concert and cocktails with the participation of the municipal female staff, they also held an olive tree planting event in the 8th March Park with the female staff.

At 13.30, a seminar entitled “Law in the Liberation of Women” was held in the Assembly Hall of the New Service Building, open to the participation of female personnel and the public, by Çiçek Göçkün Bayramoğlu, a member of the Faculty of Law.

Speaking at the event, Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü  said that with the program they have prepared for this day, they aim to both commemorate the movement started by 40,000 women garment workers in New York on March 8th, 1857, who were demanding humane working conditions in which 129 people lost their lives and to support the women of the region with training and seminars.

Güngördü said, “Today, children and mothers will die in the middle of the war in Ukraine. It is my greatest wish that this war will end as soon as possible. Regardless of our conditions, we live in good conditions in the TRNC and Girne. Therefore, our women can work side by side with men, under the same roof, in daily life. However, the recent incidents of violence, harassment and murder against women are regrettable and we are following these events very closely. We established the Girne Municipality Social Life Center 4 years ago. There are women, children, and disadvantaged individuals in this center. I believe we should embrace more women, children and people in the city.”

Güngördü stated that, unfortunately, nothing has changed since the 1900s due to the war in Ukraine, and stated that March 8th is a day of commemoration. Güngördü conveyed his love and respect to all women, especially the municipal female staff, who add value to the city of Girne with their efforts, and invited all women to the events.

“TRNC Women’s Economy Forum” is being held on Saturday, March 12th, 2022 at 11:00 in cooperation with the Municipality of Girne and the Association of Entrepreneurial Businesswomen (GIKAD). The event will be moderated by Girne Municipality Social Affairs Branch Supervisor Misli Kadıoğlu, Cyprus Turkish Investment Development Agency (YAGA) Director Ebru Kaptan Sertoğlu, Cyprus Turkish Entrepreneur Women Association (GİKAD) President İçim Çağıner Kavuklu and İzmir Village-Koop Union Chairman Neptün Soyer. will attend as a speakers.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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