March 28, 2023

We are sharing for readers who are seeking the latest facts and information with the approval of the BRS, news recently provided by the British Residents’ Society to their members on 2nd March 2022.

The Covid 19 test certificate requirement will no longer be required for vaccinated people crossing the internal borders of the island, a United Nations Spokesman has announced,

As from 9.00 am Thursday 3rd March, the new rule will be in place.

Those who have been fully vaccinated with AstraZeneca, Moderna or Pfizer BioNtech vaccines 14 days after the last dose will not be required to take a PCR or Antigen test prior to crossing internal borders from either side.  Vaccinations will be considered valid for up to 7 months after the dose of the primary vaccine has been given or a booster dose.

Concerning those who have been vaccinated with Sinovac, Sputnik or Johnson & Johnson vaccines 14 days after the second dose (one dose for Johnson & Johnson). The validity period will be up to 3 months from the last dose of the primary vaccine or the administration of a booster dose.

Persons deemed to be unvaccinated will need to be provide:

  • 7 Day negative PCR or Rapid test for children 5-11 years old, unvaccinated high school students and Kato Pygros residents.
  • A 72 hour negative PCR test or a 48 hour rapid negative test is required for unvaccinated persons, aged 12 years and over, vaccinated persons who have not received a booster dose after the vaccine validity period described above.

Editor’s Note:  BRS have an excellent members’ Facebook page which gives information and allows members to ask questions however Facebook is excellent for sharing of information but it is no more than a stream of information and BRS found many questions were being asked time and time again so the BRS team developed BRITBOT on their website where members could retrieve information published on many past subjects.

Readers wishing to learn more of the British Residents’ Society or registration as a member which can be started online please visit their website – or

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