March 25, 2023

In March, when 27 March World Theatre Day and Week takes place, the Theatre Days activities, which are the traditional activities of Girne and Çatalköy Municipalities, which were interrupted due to the pandemic, are restarting.

Çatalköy Municipality Beşparmaklar Theatre Days, which will have the slogan “This is the whole point on stage or in life”, will take place at Erol Avgören Cultural Center between March 4 and 31.

The Girne Municipality Theatre Days event, which will take place with the slogan “play or reality, that’s the question”, will take place at the Girne Municipality Chamber Theater between March 11-27.

Within the scope of Theater Days, theatre lovers will meet with folk dance shows and 15 plays in 2 halls in both towns.

Çatalköy Mayor Mehmet Hulusioğlu stated that due to the pandemic, cultural and artistic activities could not be held for 2 years and emphasized that the two municipalities signed a cooperation to create a start in the interrupted culture and art life.

Reminding that the theatre activities in both municipalities have been carried out for more than 20 years on a voluntary basis and with great devotion, Hulusioğlu said that this year, with the participation of 5 different theatre teams and the Çatalköy Municipality Veteran Folk Dance Ensemble, 15 performances and 1 folk dance, will take place, between 4-31 March, and noted that the show will meet with art lovers.

Reminding that one of the main duties of municipalities is to offer culture, art and social activities to the public, Hulusioğlu emphasized that they are trying to fulfill this duty in the most economical and safe conditions in terms of pandemic, despite the economic conditions in the country.

Hulusioğlu said that there are cooperation and joint projects between the two municipalities in culture and arts and in many different fields, and emphasised that the cooperation will continue as the two mayors, who believe that the existing resources should be used correctly, with the awareness that the economic conditions, human resources and other opportunities of the country are limited.

Hulusioğlu thanked everyone who contributed to the organisation of the Theatre Days and invited all citizens to the events.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü reminded that cultural and artistic activities have been suspended for 2 years due to the pandemic or that they have come to life on the digital platform, and expressed that they are happy to bring the Theatre Days event back to life with the relaxation of the pandemic rules, in cooperation with Çatalköy Municipality.

Güngördü said that they are proud that the play “Şerefine Insanoğlu” was staged by the Maltepe Municipality Theater within the scope of the Eurasian Theater Union project and that Girne and Çatalköy Municipalities Art Director Derman Atik was the director of the play. .

Emphasizing the importance of inter-municipal cooperation, Güngördü emphasized that the Girne and Çatalköy Municipalities have implemented many important joint projects such as the zoning plan, and thanked everyone who contributed to bringing the Theatre Days to life.

Derman Atik, Art Director of Girne and Çatalköy Municipalities, emphasized the unifying power of art and expressed his belief that the cooperation of Girne and Çatalköy Municipalities will set an example for other Municipalities.

Atik said that Güzelyurt and Beyarmudu Municipalities also wanted to be a partner in the organization, but this was not possible this year, andLefkosa Turkish Municipality Mayor Mehmet Harmancı expressed his opinion that this organization should be held in cooperation with the municipalities next year. and stated that it can come to life as an organization.

Noting that the tension between Russia and Ukraine turning into a war is worrisome for humanity, Derman Atik once again emphasized the importance of peace with the play “Şerefine Insanoğlu”, which tells about the negativities of war, and the play “Waiting for Godot”, in which a Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot actor took the stage together.

Derman Atik, stated that the play “Pygmalion A Democracy Musical”, written by Burçhan Göze from Bursa and won the 1st Musical and Musical Playwriting Competition of Girne Municipality, will also be staged as part of the Theatre Days, and gave information about the Theatre Days program.

Noting that Çatalköy Municipality Beşparmaklar Theatre Days will take place between March 4-31 and Girne Municipality Theatre Days will take place between March 11-27, Atik said, with the participation of 5 theaters, 1 folk dance group, 17 performances and a themed “Henna Night”, he explained that the folk dance show will be enjoyed by art lovers.

According to the pandemic rules, Çatalköy Erol Avgören Cultural Center which has a capacity of 200 people will have an audience of 100 people and the Girne Municipality Chamber Theater with a capacity of 150 people will have an audience of 70-80 people.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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