March 28, 2023

ATA Facebook ‘Guess the Celebrity Competition’2022 has started, doing something different is part and parcel for the Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus (ATA). With a happy Christine Zaliwski being named as the association’s first winner of 2022.

Christine said ‘What a brilliant start to the year to be told l am the first winner in 2022 …. I think the last thing l won was when l was at school and that was the egg and spoon race on sports day. So to win something else after all these years is special with a capital S”.

Christine is seen here receiving her January winner’s certificate from ATA Chairman Philip Lloyd.

ATA Chairman Philip Lloyd said ‘January has seen the start of the popular competition’s second year and the ATA look forward in due course to presenting both monthly and overall year end winners prizes. There is a long way to go to next December but there are 11 monthly prizes to be won before then..

Every Facebook post about ATA member clinics contains the image of a well-known celebrity, and members + followers guess who it is by commenting their answer to the post. The answer is also given in one of the weekly member clinic posts.

The competition which is run every week throughout the month to enable people to start guessing at any time of the month and still be in with a chance of winning a prize, with a winner’s prize every month for the person with the most correct guesses. At the end of the year, Creditwest bank are giving a fabulous year end prize for all competition entrants to compete for.

Keep up to date with the competition by visiting the Member Clinics page on our association’s website ( see who the Monthly competition winners are, who is leading this Month’s competition, who is leading the race for the Creditwest bank year end fabulous prize competition, Guess the Celebrity Competition rules, and more!

You can take part in this competition by joining the Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus Facebook Group or following their Facebook Page!

Information on the Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus can be found on their Website Facebook Group & Facebook Page.

Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus

The friendly listening association with a heart, supporting good causes in Northern Cyprus for the benefit of everyone.


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