September 30, 2023

After the TRNC General Elections, which took place at the weekend, the Girne Municipality Health Department successfully carried out the disinfection processes by the spraying of all schools where the ballot boxes were placed.

In order to protect the health of students and teachers with Coronavirus Precautions and to reduce the concerns of parents about hygiene during their education, which was suspended for one day for disinfection processes of all schools in the Girne Region where the ballot boxes were placed.

Nidai Güngördü, Mayor of Girne, made a statement on the subject; In the schools where the elections are held, especially the desks, door handles, tables, and chairs that are touched by hand; Classes, corridors, toilets and sinks have been disinfected in detail by the disinfection units of our Municipality.

Güngördü noted that while drugs recommended by the World Health Organization and licensed by the Ministry of Health are used in all spraying and disinfection activities, these drugs do not have a negative effect on human health.

Girne Mayor Güngördü pointed out that the pandemic process is still ongoing, so it is important for all students, teachers, and parents to follow the mask, hygiene, and distance rules and wished all children and teachers a healthy and very successful education period.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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