October 2, 2022

By Chris Elliott….

The newshounds are at it again with sensational claims to grab headlines and if it’s not Boris Johnson they are trying to sink, then they are finding time to bash the TRNC.

Yes, The Observer claimed, “Rising anger with Turkey drives calls for reunification in crisis-hit northern Cyprus”.

Now we all know it’s not easy living with the Turkish Lira which is going down and down in value but will the Turkish Cypriot nation forget the past efforts by Greek Cypriots to ethnically cleanse and control them?

So what if they vote for reunification swapping their weak Turkish Lira for Euros which after a balancing act will leave them with less in their pockets and of course they then have to submit to the dictates of the EU who don’t love or want to recognise them.

Interestingly as the Turkish Cypriots have been financially sponsored by Turkey for years so will they be refunding money that would help Turkey at this present time?

They say hindsight is a wonderful thing and looking back had the TRNC been more willing to let foreigners become citizens and start businesses, then the country by now would be so much stronger through the investments which would have been made in the TRNC.

What do you think, click here to read this earth shattering article from The Observer.

4 thoughts on “Do Turkish Cypriots want reunification at any cost?

  1. Turkish Cypriots have in the past have not supported Foreign entrepreneurs Handouts from Turkey have sustained TRNC

    Needs a policy to encourage investment or if not a settlement with RoC or face poverty

    1. Well said Alan Hardy

      the Turkish Cypriots could have a plan C if they were willing to recognise and share their country with those who want to settle here and bring growing investment which would make the country stronger

      1. If you cant make anything but sarcastic comments then don’t bother thank you

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