September 28, 2022

By Richard Beale………..

A beautiful mild January sunny afternoon, with the mainstream Super League and League 1 divisions temporarily finished for the winters break, I thought I would take a short journey to watch Geçitkale play Valdili in the BTM l Red Group. A crowd of well over 100 seemed to have the same ideal as they were rewarded with a very entertaining game.


Sunday January 2; Iktisatbank BTM League Red Group: Geçitkale Stadium.

The BTM League is the TRNC equivalent of League 3, the reward for Geçitkale or Valdili to getting promotion is a place in the AKSA League 1 the same division that my team Esentepe is in. Both teams have sampled League 1 before Geçitkale last season was in 2014-15 and Valdili in season 2012-13. On the showing of Sunday’s match then it will be Valdili who will be likely to be tasting promotion Champagne, under Coach Kurşat Özer they seemed to have the makings of a Champions team, they have a good team spirit, togetherness and they play there football as a team.

Geçitkale, on the other hand, seemed to be a team of individuals, you can’t fault them for their effort, they never threw in the towel and after only 3 games played this season it’s still early days – there are still 15 matches and 45 points to play for.

Match referee SABRİYE ATİKOĞLU had a pretty good game !

An unusual happening today the match referee was a woman which considering the culture is a very rare event. Sabriye Atikoğlu has been running the lines for quite a few seasons this is the first time I have seen her officiate. I thought she did well getting most of the decisions correct, in the second half there were some fisticuffs as players clashed and shoved. Simply Sabriye stood to one side let the players let off some heat and anger and then punished the offenders with yellow cards – simple and cool headed.

Valdili stormed into a 2 goal lead in the first 10 minutes stunning Geçitkale. Their leading goalscorer EKREM ATAŞ, scored from the penalty spot after 7 minutes when Ferdi brought down Furkan. 0-1

A simple second goal came in the 10th minute when UGUR OKELİ swept home a low cross from the right. 0-2

Geçitkale pulled a goal back in the 18th minute following a free kick from the right by Ekrem where Geçitkale big and powerful defender TANJU KAYA used his muscle to pressurise the Valdili defence to bundle the ball home. 1-2.

Valdili scored their third goal in the 30 minutes with an almost carbon copy of their second goal again UGUR OKELIİ converted a cross from the right. 1-3

Match action Valdili in red

Geçitkale had to be thankful for their goalkeeper Gürcan Güngor making a couple of good saves and some wasteful Valdili finishing to keep the score down to 3-1 at the break.

Geçitkale Coach Ali Yurdal must had read the riot act during the interval as Geçitkale bravely took the fight to the visitors. Geçitkale pushed forward defending high that left Valdili forward Ekrem very isolated. The home side enjoyed plenty of possession and fight which would have pleased the Coach but unfortunately, they could not turn that into goals during the best spell of the match for them.

Geçitkale comeback was snuffed out in the 64th minute when they were caught with men upfield leaving them exposed at the back, susceptible to the quick break Ekrem finding FURKAN ÇIRAKOĞLU on the right who beat Gürcan at his near post. 1-4.

Again Geçıtkale in the second half had to thank theır experienced goalkeeper Gürcan ın keeping the score down again making some crucial saves.

For Valdili their Captain Umut Menteş and his fellow defender Hasan Ataş gave their side a good defensive barrier. Ali Gurtaç and Barış Şişman had control in midfield with strikers Ugur and Ekrem keeping the Geçitkale defence on their toes.

Geçitkale players had their moments their Captain Efe Efeoğlu worked hard in midfield trying to get his team going, with Bulut Kaçar trying hard on his own against a good Valdili defence.

Valdili first goal scored from the penalty spot by EKREM and  FURKAN (27) squeezes home their last goal.

Valdili fully deserved their win for Geçitkale they need to keep going their day will come. FULL TIME SCORE ; 1-4

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