March 28, 2023

By Richard Beale…..

The last League matches of the first half of the season before the winters break will be played this Christmas weekend. We will forget about Christmas Day matches, but there are Boxing Day matches.

Just like being in the UK, football on Boxing Day. I remember before I could drive, with no public transport, with a group of mates walking from my house 10 miles to watch Bristol Rovers play. Undoubtedly we would have lost! and the walk back home would seem like 20 miles!

Also, the KIBRIS CUP First Round will be played next Wednesday and some matches are shown below. The matches selected are in areas with an Expat community.

The matches chosen are in areas where there are expat locations.

SL =AKSA Super League:  L1=AKSA League 1 ; BTM = Iktisatbank BTM League. KC =Kibris Cup

Dec 26 Merit Alsancak Yeşilova SK v Küçük Kaymaklı SL 2-00 Orhan Dural Stadium (behind Mountain View Hotel)
Dec 26 Esentepe KKSK v Yeniboğaziç L1 2-00 Erdal Barut Stadium
Dec 26 Çanakkale v İncirli SK L1 2-00 Famağusta Muharrem Döveç St
Dec 26 Yenierenköy v 1461 İskele Trabzon BTM 2-00 Yenierenköy Stadium
Dec 26 Lapta TSK v Sadrazam Kayalar BTM 10-30 Laota Şht Şevket Kadir Stadium
Dec 29 Girne Halk Evi v Çanakkale TSK KC 1-00 Girne 20 Temmuz Mete Adanır Stad
Dec 29 Karşıyaka ASK v Yenicami AK KC 1-00 Karşıyaka Ergin Şahdur Stadium
Dec 29 Düzkaya KOSK v Türk Ocak KC 1-00 Nihat Bağcier Stadium (behind old Çatalköy Tempo Supermarket)




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