September 27, 2022

President Ersin Tatar emphasized that they did not forget the martyrs and they will not forget, in the message, he issued on the occasion of the 21-24 December Struggle and Martyrs’ Week,

President Tatar stressed, “Today, I once again call out to our martyrs, veterans, our people and the whole world; we will never give up on our state, our sovereignty, and the guarantee of the Motherland Turkey. We will not allow returning back to pre-1974 and another Bloody Christmas.

We will continue our struggle with the strength we derive from our martyrs, our history, our people, and the Motherland of Turkey. Cyprus will never be a Hellenic island.

Following the great struggle and resistance, peace arrived on the island with the 1974 Turkish Peace Operation. The Turkish Cypriot people gained their freedom and independence under the protection of motherland Turkey. Today they live in peace and the security of their own state”.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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