April 1, 2023

By Chris Elliott..

Since the Greek Cypriot attempts to ethnically cleanse the Turkish Cypriots of Cyprus in the name of Enosis way back in the 1960’s, brutal attacks and genocide against the Turkish Cypriots continued until Turkey, when the UK would not help as another guarantor power of the Cyprus foundation agreement, mounted an intervention operation to stop the bloodshed on 20th July 1974 the day after President Makarios stood before the UN assembly and stated his country had been invaded by Greece.

Peace and stopping of bloodshed may have been restored through Turkish force of arms with the UN trying to grab the credit by claiming to be the real peacemaker but also trying to persuade the two communities to live together under Greek Cypriot domination with many peace plans.

With continued disinterest and unwillingness by the Greek Cypriots to accommodate peace settlement plans hosted by the UN to suit both sides, the Turkish Cypriots founded their own state so they could seek worldwide recognition and independence but this has been blocked by Greek Cypriots demanding embargoes from the world on Turkish Cypriots to try and maintain their control of their Muslim neighbours having failed to drive them out of Cyprus.

Recently we saw Pope Francis visit Cyprus but did not accept an invitation from TRNC President Ersin Tatar to meet but that was never going to happen due to embargoes and the fear of showing recognition. Yeni Duzen reported “the only Turkish Cypriot representative the Pope met during his visit to Cyprus was Imam Şakir Alemdar, the imam of Hala Sultan Tekke in Larnaca and representing the Muslims of Cyprus” but not Northern Cyprus it seems.

Perhaps as a result of that meeting the racists in Cyprus were active again as tweeted by Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Presidential Foreign Press Officer, Kerem Hasar below :

“Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Presidential Foreign Press Officer, Kerem Haser…Tweeted”

“We condemn, in the strongest possible way, the attack on the Grand Mosque in Larnaca, South Cyprus. We call upon the Greek Cypriot side to track and punish the culprit/s who did this. We call for full respect to be shown to all places of worship and our cultural heritage sites.”

Source: Twitter

In conclusion whilst the Greek Cypriot authority’s demands are met for worldwide embargoes against Turkish Cypriots and the frantic arms race of Greek Cypriots continues to threaten Turkey, then racism and hatred of Turkish Cypriots will be encouraged with unofficial acts of violence and intimidation continuing in the future which will not bring peace back to the island of Cyprus.

Finally, perhaps the UN should leave Cyprus recommending a 2 state solution and ending of embargoes and concentrate their efforts to stopping the very real threats of Russia to the Ukraine and China to Taiwan and many other trouble hotspots around the world,

Pictures attributed: Facebook RTCYPP


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